Saturday, March 24, 2012

Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters By Meredith Zeitlin

Kelsey Finkelstein is starting high school, only she's determined to stand out this year! What she didn't consider is that she might stand out, just not in the most flattering ways. First her arch-nemesis Gemma moves away, only to be replaced by new arch-nemesis & upperclassman Julie Nelson. Then one of her besties steals her long-time (and newly single) crush Jordan. Her dreams of becoming star left wing of the JV soccer team are dashed when she is made (gasp!) goalie, ouch! The spring musical goes equally off track when she get a lead (!!!) but then discovers it's for a male part (a gross, fat wolf-man male part). And through all of this she keeps winding up in picutes in the school paper, only the shots are rather unfortunate. She meets new friends, fights with her current ones, has disappointing encouters with boys, and not to mention dealing with her parents and super-annoying sister! How will she ever survive this crazy year?

Kelsey is my new best friend. I loved her so much... so much! This book is so freaking cute and funny I can't even say enough about it. I love it when a book makes me laugh out loud (it's so rare!). When she said:
"Apparently, she can't find her Annie costume (could someone have hidden it behind the washing machine? I wonder...)" I almost fell off my chair laughing! But seriously, the best part of this book is it's so realistic. Teens do drink, they mostly don't have absentee parents, they think about sex and wonder when and if they should be doing it, they don't have unlimited access to credit cards and high fashion. I love a book that has that honest feel.
It's a must read for YA-ers!

How I got this book: Library
Date Published: 3/1/2012

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  1. Great review. I reallllly want to read this after reading your review. But they don't have it at my library! Arg. And I agree with the last thing you said - it's great when YA books can make you laugh and when they actually seem realistic.