The Reviewers Roundtable is inspired by all the blogs who do these joint discussions.  It is our version of a weekly feature where we discuss a book related/blogging topic. 

This is a weekly feature/meme where we discuss (on Thursdays) a book related/blogging topic and ask you to join in with us!  Just add your name and link of your post to the Linky, link back to us, and we can see what everyone else thinks of hot book topics :)

The Host Bloggers:
Me (Michelle) from here at Pink Polka Dot Book Blog
Emily from Read Your Bookcase 

Topic Schedule:

3/20- Ratings.  Do you rate books on your blog or Goodreads??  How do you decide and do you ever have a hard time with them?
3/27- Are we all writing about the same stuff?   Book blogs all do reviews, memes, blog tours, cover reveals, blasts, giveaways, and discussions.... is there something wrong with everyone doing the same thing?
4/3- How much do you think your personal beliefs affect how much you like a book?
4/10- Co-Blogging... seems like a new trend in the book blogosphere.  Do you like reading blogs that have co-bloggers and would you ever do a co-blog?
4/17- Following blogs.  How do you follow blogs (GFC, Bloglovin, email?) and what specifically about a blog usually makes you want to follow?


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  1. I cannot seem to find it but I hope you get this. I do not believe in rating. I do if forced to as on Amazon but on my own blog, I love the freedom of just describing the book and leaving off a rating. I leave my review to stand on it's own and let the people decide not based on a start system (or a frog or a rose lol!) This is something I am very serious about. I think the rating system pigeon holes all of us.

    1. Sorry you couldn't find the post!! I'm glad to know that it is possible to get out how you feel without a rating system. I'm still thinking about whether I want to keep one or not, but I'm really having a hard time with the wide variety of feelings I have for books I gave same ratings to :(