Monday, February 10, 2020

Why did it take me so long to try audio?

Guys, I am stubborn.  If you know me at all, I'm sure this isn't new information-- but I am just now realizing the extent of my stubbornness.  The reason I'm realizing this:


I have at least 17 friends who are regular audio-bookers, and they consistently sing the praises of using this medium.  And for the last  8 years, I've pretty much ignored them. (Rude, right??)

The thing is-- I'm one of those people who think I only like what I like.  I think I don't like YA Fantasy, so I rarely try it.  I thought I couldn't enjoy audio reading, so I never gave it a fair shot.

This is what I was thinking back then before I loved audiobooks (like 3 months ago):

  • I read 1 audiobook before I started blogging (it was a book on CD, that's how long ago it was), and I was having trouble multitasking with it.  Basically, if I was concentrating on not hitting a curb while driving, I wasn't listening to the book and would have to rewind like 5 minutes of it.  Or, if I was really into the book, I would be almost wrecking.
  • Because of that, I thought I wasn't capable of learning to do 2 things at once (not that I don't still struggle a tad with that).
  • I thought audio book reading wouldn't give me the same FEEL.  So, I figured I wouldn't pick up on all the little details if it was being read to me.
  • I thought it would be really hard to go back in the book if I had questions or forgot about something (I was right about this one, it is super hard to do this).
  • I kind of thought this wasn't real reading.  I know, I know, I'm a terrible person.  I hold myself to really weird and strict standards when it comes to reading (I just recently allowed myself to count rereads in my yearly book count).  So, in my head it didn't feel like it counted??  I know now that it totally counts.

Things I've discovered since becoming audiobook obsessed:
  • I can totally drive (and cook and cross-stitch) and listen at the same time.  There are very occasional times where I have to rewind, but it doesn't happen near as much as that first time I listened.
  • I am reading so much more!!!  Because I can read when I would usually not be able to read, I am getting so much more reading done!
  • I can reread all my old favorites (that I've been meaning to reread since forev), and it feels new and fresh!
  • It is weird not knowing about character names spellings.
  • It is weird hearing names that I've been mispronouncing for years.
  • Narrators matter!!  If I'm not feeling the reader's voice, I probably won't love the book.

What I've learned from all of this is that I should really listen to my peoples and try things.  I don't always know better.  My reading life is now and forever completely changed.  And that is something I love about being a reader... you never know when something will come along and change you forever.  Be it a new way to enjoy books or a book about a certain topic that blows your mind and changes you as a person.

Now, some questions for you.  Do you audio??  When do you do it?  What kind of books do you like to read on audio?  When did you start doing it?  What apps do you use/where do you get your audiobooks?


  1. I've tried different audios but I really just cannot concentrate. I focus much better if I'm the one reading the book - either ebook or physical. I wish I could do audios for certain books though because they sound awesome.


    1. I get that!! I totally had trouble the first time I tried it, and I'm sure it's something that isn't for everyone. It is really nice to do for rereading.

  2. I only got into audio in the last year or so, especially since I started using the Libby app and there's so much more to choose from at my library. I agree that it's great for rereading, it really is like experiencing the story in a whole new way.

    1. I started with the Libby app too!! I was very excited to see how many books were available through Carnegie Libraries in Pittsburgh. And YES!! That is exactly what I meant-- rereading through audio makes it feel like something completely new, while also bringing you the story you loved!!

  3. I originally poo-pooed audiobooks, but once I found the ones that work for me, I developed a fondness for them. It's been a great way to get through my backlist, and I don't get as anxious when running errands, when I am listening to one. Glad you love them now.

    1. YES!!! It's been so nice to have it to listen to when I'm feeling a WAY while being out!! Also, I agree, it's essential to find the ones that work for you. I am so happy to be apart of the audio club :)

  4. I REALLY wish I could get into them. Maybe one day when I have like, more time that I can actually try them more? Like- I got two for when I drove to ALA in Chicago a couple years back. But it didn't go great? I finished one (yay!) but ended up switching to paperback for the second (not while driving hah). And the one I didn't finish was The Scorpio Races which I had heard such amazing things about the audio version of. But I just could not concentrate! I tried, so hard, but I was missing chunks allll the time (even of the one I did finish! It was First & Then by Emma Mills, and I think to some extent it helped that SHE narrated it). So I mean, I would try again, just... probably not right now because I don't have the time to experiment, you know? Glad that they are working for you though!!

    1. I remember when you were supposed to read audio books on the way to ALA :) I thought it was Harry Potter for some reason.

      Anyway, OMG Emma Mills narrates her books?!?!? I totally want to reread her books on audio now!

      I get what you mean about not being able to do it though. It was HARD for me to get into them, but ever since I listened to one on a road trip in October, it just clicked!!

  5. I feel like someday I'm going to end up writing a post like this. I've tried audiobooks a few times, but I've never finished a book on audio. I'm very noise sensitive, so I can't figure out an activity to do while I listen because I'm scared I'll miss something. I also have tried a few audiobooks where I didn't love the narrator. And yet, every time I see a post about how wonderful audiobooks are, I get the urge to try one out again! I feel like one of these days I'll listen to the perfect audiobook, with the perfect narrator, at the perfect time, and become as big an audio fan as everyone else I know!

    1. The narrator can totally make or break the book (at least that's what I'm finding out). I have a read a few books where I was SO annoyed with the people in it, but then I stopped and thought about it, and I was only annoyed with the voice that was talking as those people-- not the actual people!! In those cases, I should've switched over to print.

      Also, I think you'll eventually find the right time to read them. Like I said, I was almost wrecking my car, but now I can do it. I started on a road trip, but I really got the hang of it when I was listening to an audio book while cross-stitching.