Review Policy

I love to read and would absolutely be up for reviewing any book that fits into my blog's genre... which is mostly YA Contemporary, YA Mystery and some YA Apocalyptic or Dystopian.
Genre's I don't review: Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, most Fantasy (I know, I'm weird)... and I'm not longer reviewing New Adult until the genre becomes less wretched.
Formats- These are the formats I can use:
  • An in my hand hardcopy
  • ARC
  • PDF
  • Galley
  • All reviews will also be posted on Goodreads
  • I will give an honest review
  • I only read books that truly interest me
  • I like to encourage reading
  • I love hosting giveaways, doing blog tours, cover reveals, and author interviews
Email me any requests at:  { pinkpolkadotmichelle@yahoo.com }

This is the rating system I use:

Privacy Policy

  • I take privacy pretty seriously.  I do host giveaways on here which usually require an address if you were to win.  I will NEVER save your information.  That includes email addresses.  Once the giveaway has ended everything will be deleted.
  • Please be careful what info you share publicly on this blog (via comments or whatever).  I can't be responsible if someone is creeping.
  • Please don't stalk me or come to my house.  I tend to think my reviews are on the nicer, non-offensive side of the review world, but if I hurt your feelings in a review in some way, I apologize.  I hold the books I read and love to high standards sometimes.


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