Monday, August 27, 2018

SPOILERS!!! I want to talk about the THINGS!

This is meant to be my way of TALKING about the THINGS that I can't talk about in reviews.  The twists, the endings, the OMG stuff that I don't want to spoil people who haven't read the book yet.

This post is not for people who haven't read these books.  If there is a book on this list you haven't read, please scroll on through because there will be SPOILERS!!

I want to talk about the THINGS in these books:

Letters to the Lost

  • As much as I loved this book (and I really really did):
  • The parents were both jerks. I'm sorry but Declan's mom doesn't get to all of a sudden GAF at the very end of the book-- same with Juliet's dad.  And the fact that BOTH of them decided to be all "let's be HEA together" kind of ruined the ending for me.
  • Declan walked around like he was invisible, crying out for attention, and his mom refused to give it to him for the whole book.  I get that she was dealing with the death of her daughter-- but she let Declan believe it was all his fault and his life could've ended over it.  Fuck you Declan's mom.  That's what I say.
  • Juliet's dad was much the same.  I get he's grieving, but way to let your devastated daughter feel completely alone.
  • I didn't buy that they BOTH woke up and decided to be better right at the same time.  It felt unrealistic.
  • I loveddddd the book though.  And thank goodness Declan and Juliet found each other, even though they had kickass friends, they needed to be understood by people who were going through the same things.

Never Missing, Never Found

  • Does Scarlett not know what people look like?  For that matter, does anyone know what anyone looks like??
  • Katharina shows up saying all these lines that were said when they were in captivity together and Scarlett's all-- I wonder who this girl is??  
  • She's the girl you spent years with and think about all the time.  She's the girl you've been impersonating for however long you've been out.  HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE??  Did she have major face reconstruction like something out of the soap operas?
  • I understand Scarlett's family was in denial, but WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL.  How do you not know what your kid looks like?

The Husband's Secret

  • I was DOWN with this book.  I read BIG LITTLE LIES earlier this year, and I immediately wanted more Liane Moriarty.  But the ending of this book kind of bugged me.
  • When the book decided to tell us information that no could ever know, I was kind of like ???? 
  • Did it matter that Janie had a heart defect??  Am I supposed to feel sorry for John-Paul now because he choked a girl, but it technically isn't the only reason she died??  He's never going to know that anyway, so why did I as a reader need to know that.  Also, UGHHH I feel bad about his daughter, but it was just a cruel coincidence, it wasn't Karma or whatever else.  He still should have had to answer for Janie's death.

This Darkness Mine

  • I'm going to start with the last chapter.  Up until then, I was actually BUYING Sasha's evil twin scenario.  All it took was that one sentence to make me realize that I was being an idiot for the entire book.  Girl just makes stuff up-- how did I not get that??
  • The book ended with Sasha being a stalker with the family/friends/boyfriend of the girl who she received the new heart from & saying that this girl is inside her telling her to do these things.  Like, wahhhhhh????  I don't even have words for the level of fuck-up this book was.
  • I was totally on board with Sasha's darkness until she started throwing herself out of windows and puking in girls' mouths.  That's just 🙅🏻🙅🏻
  • But really, did Mindy McGinnis really expect us to believe someone could or would rip out their own heart??  I call BS on that scene.  And WAS she trying to set Issac up for murder???????  My friend Cassi told me that and now I'm like 🙃

Losing Leah

  • At the beginning of this book, I was feeling the dual stories of Leah and Mia.  The times when I would read about Mia (the twin living a "normal" life), I was turning pages like mad to get back to Leah (the twin that was kidnapped), but I was still interested in Mia's life and why she was having delusions/hallucinations/headaches/blackouts.
  • When Leah was rescued and it came out that Mia didn't even exist.  Or I guess Leah didn't exist-- because of the name change thing??  Whatever, the twin that didn't get kidnapped was all a coping mechanism of Leah's mind to help her deal with her loneliness.
  • I felt swindled, but I was willing to let it go even though the book was no longer page-turning because the intenseness of the situation was gone.  THEN the same thing kept happening.  We were introduced to people that Mia/Leah formed relationships with, and BAM it comes out that it's once again fake.  The whole book is one fake make-believe hallucination.
  • It reminded me of this book I read a long time ago called POPULAR.  I read that whole freaking book just to learn that all of the characters were not real.  I don't find that trick fun.

Let's Talk:
Have you read any of these books??  Please share your thoughts with me!


  1. I did think the ending to The Husband's Secret was a little weird. That little "what if" chapter - so unnecessary!

  2. I STILL don't fully understand what happened in This Darkness Mine. Like let's call Mindy, and set up a little book club about it, and she can explain everything and then maybe we use the buddy system to walk to our cars afterward because her mind is bonkers. And honestly SAME with Letters for the Lost. Like- I did enjoy it, but I think there were some things I was a little "sure, Jan" about. The others I want to read though so I didn't read those spoilers! This is a fun post, I love this idea- because sometimes you just need to discuss the spoilery stuff!

    1. Thank you!! I've been agonizing about how I can talk about the STUFF but not spoil books for ppl. I figured this was a good way. I think I'm going to do it periodically to get my feelings out. And OMG Mindy McGinnis and Gillian Flynn are the 2 authors where I would be a little scared to meet them. I mean-- the things that go on in their minds!!! Definitely need to buddy system!!

  3. I love this post idea!! I read Letters to the Lost this year, and adored it -but I do have to agree with you, the parents were weirdly written. It was nearly as if the author decided to redeem them super-randomly, instead of planning ahead of time. I was okay with Juliet's father, I felt like he was far from perfect, and was bad at showing his feelings and understanding Juliet, but he was at least trying. Declan's mom and stepfather just gave up on him and were horrible to him, and then they claimed they - or at least she - loved him all along, and were worried about him. I get that adults make mistakes too, but this situation was so badly handled, it is hard to imagine a loving mother doing this.

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. YES!! I completely loved the book too, but I just thought to randomly redeem BOTH parents at the same time was a little weird. I'm not saying either couldn't have came to the conclusions that they were being a-holes, but I doubt that kind of realization would happen to come at the end of this story arc and at the exact same time. You are so right though-- Juliet's father was much more likely. Declan's mom and stepdad were just too far gone to suddenly claim that they cared all along. I call bullshit!!

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