Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Spoilers part 2-- I'm talking about the things you aren't supposed to talk about!!

This is meant to be my way of TALKING about the THINGS that I can't talk about in reviews.  The twists, the endings, the OMG stuff that I don't want to spoil people who haven't read the book yet.  Also, this is sort of my way of asking you for help-- understanding what I read or talking through different theories and thoughts these book brought up for me.

This post is not for people who haven't read these books.  If there is a book on this list you haven't read, please scroll on through because there will be SPOILERS!!

These are the books I want to talk THINGS about:


  • I am a HUGE Courtney Summers fan and have been since I started blogging almost 7 years ago.
  • I'm super happy that SADIE got her so much buzz-- it's about time!!
  • Anyway, I wrote a review-- but so much of this book was SPOILER-city, so I felt like all my feelings had to stay bottled up.... until now!
  • One thing that really creeped me out was the pedophile network.  When Sadie went to that abandoned house and it became painfully clear that this was about more than just one random sicko.  This was a network of sickos who help each other out and I don't even want to know what else.  I felt physically ill.
  • The ending-- so, I think the ending is definitely open to interpretation.  We don't get told what ultimately happened to Sadie.  We know she was injured by Keith (whateverhisnameis), we know her car was found abandoned.
  • I think it's too easy just to say that Keith killed her and hid the body.  In my head, the hitchhiking incident wasn't in there at random.  I think Sadie got the idea from that girl that she could be free & be whoever she wanted to be.  Not Sadie-- not the girl with the dead sister, the girl who was molested, the girl with the mom that took off, the girl with the stutter, the girl who had to do some really hard things to make things right.  She could be whoever she chose to be moving forward.
  • So I think that Sadie is alive (unless something unsavory happened to her when she hitched a ride out of there).  I don't know if she'll ever surface and let West and his listeners know that there isn't "another dead girl", but I think she's out there.

A Room Away From the Wolves

  • WHAT???
  • I am so confused by this book.  I was thinking the Catherine House was some limbo state where people go to decide if they'll live or die-- but some of those girls were obviously from a different era-- so how could they not know if they were going to die??  Were they all in comas at hospitals somewhere?  That doesn't make sense (not that much in this book did).
  • Is Bina just imagining going to the Catherine House because her mom talked about it so much-- and the actual Catherine House is nothing like this?
  • Was Monet supposed to be the mom or to do with mom??  If not, why with the hair?
  • It felt like when Monet went over the fence she lived-- but them meeting at the train station threw me-- was that where they get transported to the next part of life/death?
  • Was the mom dead when she lived at Catherine House?  How was she able to be dead and after a summer go back and live?
  • Is her mom dead now?
  • Why did the ring break? What did the ring breaking signify?
  • Why did the girl from the house (Catherine) leave?
  • Where did everyone that got to leave GO?
  • What was the point beyond a creepy setting and a MAYBE friendship?  Was the main character any different than she was at the beginning of the book?
  • Like was she just half dead in the woods and hallucinating this entire thing?

The Last Good Day of the Year

  • The guy who ended up being the bad guy-- HOLY SHIT he freaked me out!!!
  • The way he was going through the attics of the townhouses to get into their house!!  I was totally shook.  I mean, Remy's grandma was saying someone was coming into her room-- and she wasn't just saying that because of dementia.  SOMEONE WAS COMING INTO THEIR HOUSES.  That is so creepy!!!
  • I still don't get why there were so many Santa suits involved after Christmas-- but that just added to the creep factor.
  • It was a good villain reveal, but I was wishing that the real killer wouldn't get off so easy as to just die a painful death.  I wanted him to have to face up to what he did and answer questions about what else he had done.
  • I'm creeped out just thinking about this book.

Broken Things

  • Can someone tell me why this teacher did it??
  • Because she's a serial killer??  She's a wacko??
  • Why was she "working" with Summer to write fan-fic?  Because she wanted to spend time with her with the intention NOT to kill her??  So she wanted to be secret friends with a 13-year-old and when that didn't work out, she killed her?
  • I just don't get what happened here.  I don't get why Summer would hang out with this woman-- unless it was because she was writing the Lovelorn fan-fic and Summer was passing it off as her own and that's why she didn't want them to know??  I get that, but Summer just strikes me as someone who would not hang out with this woman so much.

Wilder Girls

  • So many questions.
  • So this "tox" ends up being a parasite.... but why is it only on this island??  It's mentioned that global warming is to blame for certain things, so is this where the parasite came from??  Like the glaciers warming and letting things out that were froze thousands (millions?) of years ago??  I'm not a sciencey person, so maybe I'm not understanding what the author was getting at there.
  • The doctors were saying estrogen was a major component in the disease-- but if that's the case, why did the men get it too?  Was it that the girls who went through puberty and had estrogen were able to live with the disease better because the added estrogen did something to allow them to live??  Why does this parasite affect each teen differently (one has her eye go completely shut, one grows fins out of her back)??  And why do the teenagers and adult women get completely different versions of the disease? It's not explained at all.
  • How is this parasite infecting animals AND plants? Is that even possible??  And if it is how the heck would it have not escaped the island by now?  It would've infected fish that SWIM.  And algae and stuff in the water that FLOATS.  And it would've been taken back to the mainland.  Right?
  • What the fuuuuuuck is up with that ending??  If Byatt pulled it out is she cured?  What about the other 2 girls?  Are they about to go infect the whole world? Are they just going to die on this boat?

Let's Talk:
Have you read any of these books?  Please share what you think of them if you have-- because obviously my thoughts are all over the place with these!!


  1. Can this spoiler post be a regular thing? Maybe I should do it too.
    So, okay, I have not read all these but:

    Sadie: wow, I really resisted that unresolved ending. I assumed she was dead. But I like your theory!

    A Room Away: I buddy read another one of her books and even reading it with someone else we were super-confused so I have passed on this author as I think her stuff is just not a good fit for me. I like answers!

    Last Good Day: I read this and I can't remember anything about it, even after reading the spoilers. Santa suits - how can I not remember that???

    Broken Things: started this and gave up. But she does love twist endings. I read Vanishing Girls and I remember messaging Karen at FWIW with all my wacked-out theories (which are usually way wackier than the actual outcome.)

    Wilder Girls - I'm a serious hypochondriac and can't do virus books. But I have a lot of scientists in my family and with books like this I usually tell them the premise and they laugh like crazy

    1. You should totally do it!! I want to talk about all the things!!

      Sadie: I could see where it could go either way with people. It did look like she died-- maybe I just wanted it not to be so sad and am looking into it too much.

      Room: This author does like confusion. I think she went too far on this one.

      Last Good Day: HAHA, I forget books SO MUCH. It saddens me. I'm rereading THE RAVEN BOYS right now and it's crazy how much I didn't remember AT ALL.

      Broken Things: Vanishing Girls was a good book for theories!!! I was kind of hoping Broken Things was gonna be that way, but it just wasn't as good :(

      Wilder Girls: It's weird because while this acted like a virus, it ended up being a parasite. If you like science, this is NOT the book for you because it just doesn't give a shit about whether something could really happen or if that's the way disease works :(

  2. I ended up not finishing A Room Away From the Wolves because I had no idea what was going on! :')

    1. So glad I'm not the only one who was like ???????

  3. I want Sadie to be alive. Her life sucked and she deserved something good to come out of this mess.

    1. Right?? That's why I sincerely think she's out there.

  4. This is such a fun idea for a post, I love it. I'm also feeling so confused about Broken Things and it makes me so sad, I loved the premise, but.... yeah I just didn't really understand the why and it frustrates me a lot haha.

    1. Thank you!! & BROKEN THINGS really had me on the fence!! On one hand, I LOVE stories based on true-crime stuff, but on the other hand, that twist didn't do it for me :(