Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Goal is to read more oldies... but LOOK!! NEW RELEASES!!!

I haven't really talked about 2018 reading goals too much, and that's because I really only have one-- besides my usual Goodreads Reading Goal Fail.  It is to read more books that I have acquired over the years and read less new releases.  I feel like this is something I shoot for every year, but this year I really really wanted to focus on this.

I know it's only the very beginning of February, but.... yeah, it's really HARD.

Here are some of my issues:

1.  New Releases Always Sound So Good
  • No matter how much I WANT to read all my older books, the new releases are so shiny and new and pretty and I WANT TO READ THEM!!

2.  Review Books Keep Coming (and I have no willpower to get them to stop)

  • I have been cutting back on what I accept/request for review-- but I run a blog tour company, so I want to review a lot of those books as a good host.  Also, it's hard to say no to books by authors I love.

3.  I'm going to ALA in June (WOOO NEW ORLEANS!!), and I know I'm going to come home with allllll kinds of distractions
  • Oh jeez.  That's definitely going to be trouble.

4.  I read too slow

  • I read so fucking slow.  Like, when I'm only reading one book a week and there are 999 that come out every week and they all sound good... what am I supposed to do??

Here are the things in my favor:

1.  I made it a goal to read backlist library books and I have stuck to it

  • That doesn't help me with the PILES I have lying around my house... but it does cross books off my TBR 

2.  I recently bought some books off my TBR to try to entice me-- make me think they are NEW

3.  That's all I got

Why is it always so hard to not read New Releases anymore??  I never used to have this problem??!!  I think blogging makes it hard because A. I'm seeing all the books you guys are reading and it makes me want to read them too, and B. I need New Release reviews for blog content (no one wants backlist reviews 24/7).

I need your help!!  Help me decide which backlist book I will DEFINITELY read this month:

Which Backlist Book Should I Read in Feb?

Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn
The Girl in the Park by Mariah Fredericks
Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith
No More Confessions (Confessions #3) by Louise Rozett
Afterward by Jennifer Mathieu
The Girl Who Fell by S.M. Parker
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Can we make a deal with publishing to stop putting books out for a solid 6 months so that we can all catch up a little??


  1. OMG I know! I always feel good about reading new releases because they won't become those backlist books I never get to, BUT I would really like to read some of the things that have been sitting on my shelf forever! And you're not kidding about ARCs. I have zero willpower!

    1. YES!!! Thank you, you just put into words exactly what I feel when I read new releases!! Relief that they won't end up as FAILS. I am really going to try to do this not requesting thing for at least a little while.

  2. Buying new books of old releases definitely helps in my opinion :) Because it stills FEELS new and shiny! But I know that ever since I started getting more involved in the book community that temptation for everything new is waaaay more impossible to resist than it used to be. Before, I had no idea when a book came out so it never really mattered.

    1. Same. I never really cared about what was coming out before blogging, but now that it's always in my face, I'm like: NEED!!!!!

  3. I wish we could pause books from being released so we could catch up!

    1. Seriously!!! Publishing, can you help us out??

  4. I am trying to do 50/50 old and new. I personally think I did awesome last month. I signed up of the #2017Throwback challenge, and I am super self competitive, so it is motivating me. I am not as blessed as you with book mail, but I do get lucky with EW/NG approvals and I have no self control when requesting. The good thing is, I read a lot with my commute. So, I voted for the Ockler book, but I also loved Afterward. (I didn't read the others)

    1. 50/50 sounds like an awesome (and achievable) goal!! I do love Sarah Ockler, so if that book wins, I'm pretty sure I'll love it :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I really want to focus on books I already own this year too. I'm doing okay with e-books, but I have a bunch of physical books I really need to get to. I voted for Charm and Strange - I haven't read it, but I HAVE read others by the author and liked those. :) Ooh jealous you're doing ALA again - not that I need more review books, but NEW ORLEANS! And bloggy friends!! I hope you have a great time though.


    1. I am SO excited about New Orleans!!! SO EXCITED!! I wish you were going!!!

  6. It is nice to read new releases, but I feel that those backlist books do get neglected. We are always behind on books, but there are so many good books to read.

  7. I relate to this so much! It's so hard to read backlist books when trying to keep up with new releases for the blog as well. I'm such a slow reader too and it drives me crazy! I think I set my goal to read 30 backlist books this year, which seems like nothing but it's still so hard!!

  8. I have the same issues with reading backlists! Last year, I took two month bans (March + Oct) and didn't let myself buy ANY books - I got through so many great backlists reads. Likely doing the same things next month.... the book spending is getting a tad bit out of control :)

  9. First, read Charm & STrange because it is short and will help you get into it! Also you can tell me how it is ;) And seriously- new releases are just so... SHINY, they hold so much promise, everyone is talking about them... how can you not? Plus it's one of the perks of blogging, to be in the know about them. I really hope I'll be joining you in NOLA so we can have backlist shame together :D

  10. YES the struggle is real. I actually read a TON of backlist last year which honestly helped revive my love of reading. The problem was that I feel like I feel behind so now I'm trying to catch up on 2017 reads (which I guess now are technically "backlist"). I've been trying to alternate between new releases and backlist this year, so we will see how that goes!

    -Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

  11. I understand every issue here. Dang new books. I am trying to read new one old one new one old one. Not doing so great at it. I have a hard time reading books 2 weeks old when a new one is released.