Friday, March 2, 2012

Trapped By Michael Northrop

It’s early dismissal day!!! Remember those? Well 3 friends, Jason, Scotty, and Pete decide to stay after school is dismissed to work in the shop. After working for a time they notice the snow storm is much worse than they thought, so they go to wait for their ride that never comes. A small group of kids forms along with one teacher who is supposed to make sure everyone gets out. And the snow keeps falling… Eventually the teacher leaves to get help and is never seen again.
The characters left in the school are the 3 boys, Krista & Julie, Les (the troublemaker), and Elijah (the loner). They have to figure out how to survive until the mother of all snow storms stops… and that could be a while.

I really liked this book… I wanted to read it straight through, but didn’t have time, so I kept reading everytime I had a spare minute becuase I was so curious to see what was going to happen. The school seemed like the perfect place to be in that situation… but I guess it didn’t really read that way. Yes they had tons of food, but with the roof collapsing and very little other supplies, they probably would’ve been better off at home.
It surprised me that they didn’t find more stuff they could use. The teacher lounge has to have couches or at least comfortable chairs right? And they mentioned getting mats from the gym but never did, instead electing to sleep on the hard floor. The janitors closet, why didn’t they check there for flashlights and other tools (like maybe a master key?)? I guess I just felt like they were missing out on some important supplies that may have been there.
The only thing I didn’t like about the characters was that being that they were in a crisis, I felt like they would’ve bonded more and that didn’t really happen. The girls stayed to themselves and the 3 friends stuck together. The only character I really felt like I really got to know was Scotty.
The ending…. Well I didn’t hate it, but I would’ve like to know what the heck happened to everyone’s families. And what was school/the world like for these kids and this town after everything went back to normal?
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  1. This sounds like an interesting idea for a book. And I love the cover. Too bad it wasn't any better.