Sunday, April 1, 2012

YA Books Out This Week 4/2

Another week of happy reading :)

These are the books out this week that I would read:

The List- By Siobhan Vivian
Yes Yes Yes!!!  I will be reading this ASAP!!!  This has me written all over it!  Mean people writing up lists about who's prettiest and who's ugliest.... I love!!!

I Hunt Killers- By Barry Lyga
Son of a famous serial killer helps police hunt a new serial killer, and wonders if maybe he's more like his dad than he thought??  Wow could be awesome!

Take a Bow- By Elizabeth Eulberg
Follows 4 teens at a performing arts school.  I have read a lot of good reviews for this out there in blog-land, buuuuttt I don't know.  I HATED The Lonely Hearts Club because of the way it was written.  I'm kind of afraid to take a chance on this one... I'll have to think on it.

Also out this week is Lauren Conrad's new series The Fame Game ... I'm probably not going to read because I only read the first book in the L.A. Candy series, but I'd thought I'd throw it in here because it's not fantasy :)


  1. Hi there :) just popping in... Oh yeh I have Take a Bow on my TBR pile :D Can't wait to read!

    Book Enslaved

  2. Really looking forward to The List!

  3. Hi! I have been looking forward to reading I Hunt Killers, it reminds me of the show Dexter which is one of my favorites I can't wait!