Monday, July 23, 2012

Books Out This Week 7/23

New books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Lauren McDaniel
A bomb goes off in a high school, leaving many dead and others wounded physically and emotionally.  Sounds intense & awesome!

By: Mary Amato
A story told through notes, lyrics, text, and narration.  I love when a book uses non-traditional methods to tell stories: like Ellen Hopkins and her poems or Thirteen Reasons Why with the cassette tapes.

By: Carol M. Tanzman
I already read this one... My review is HERE.  The book had a pretty good mystery going on in it and I think the cover is really cool! (It's set in the same H.S. as dancergirl)

By: Billie Livingston
The child of two con-artists moves in with a friend and her loving, normal family.  Sammie wants to be normal, but worries that genetics will win over in the end.  I like!!

Also coming out is:

Used to Be By: Eileen Cook
It's an anthology of Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood and The Education of Hailey Kendrick... I've read both and they were cute summer reads!
 Where We Belong By: Emily Giffin
Not exactly YA, but I love Emily Giffin!

Well that's all I came up with for this week... let me know if there's any YA Contemporary that I've missed!!  Now I really want to read Red Heart Tattoo!

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  1. Thanks for showcasing these. I've never heard of some of these; so many things for the TBR list. :)