Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Books Out This Week 9/3

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Carmen Rodrigues
Suicide mystery book.  It says it's reminiscent of 13 Reasons Why and with the pieces of paper being clues just as the tapes were, I can see why the comparison.
By: Lane Davis
Another suicide book (sorry I know it's depressing), but this one is about prosecuting the bullies who pushed a girl into killing herself.  I LOVE trials, so this one looks awesome!
By: M. Doty
I think the title pretty much says what it's about.  A freshman swimmer is figuring out how to survive H.S.
By: Nicole Quigley
Ok the opposite thing going on here, the title gives no clue as to what this is about.  Missy is returning to a school where she's the social outcast after 3 years away.  But now she has a new neighbor boy who wants to be friends with her and people at school don't seem to remember the bad stuff from the past.  But throw in problems at home, a hot popular boy showing interest, and that the friendship maybe turning into something more, and things aren't as good as they first seemed.
By: Gregg Olsen
I haven't read Envy (Book 1) yet, but now I totally want to!  It's a series inspired by the Amanda Knox case.  A pair of twins get pulled into a murder case when a foreign exchange student friend is found dead.  Definitely HAVE to read this!!
By: Cylin Busby
A high school boy wakes up in a hospital after being paralyzed in an accident.  Lucky for him there's a girl in the room next door who befriends him.  As he tries to figure out what's real and what he's imagining, Olivia is the only one who believes he knows what he's talking about.  But she has secrets of her own...
The writing in this book has been highly praised, so it should be a good one!

Other Books Coming Out:

Beneath the Glitter By: Elle and Blair Fowler -I'm not so sure that YouTube makeup/fashion sensations are going to be good authors, so I'm weary on this one.
Freaks Like Us By: Susan Vaught -A boy with Schizophrenia is trying to figure out what happened when his best friend disappeared.
Dead is a Killer Tune By: Marlene Perez -# 7 in the Dead series.  I love the cover!
After Hello By: Lisa Mangum -a one day relationship book in NYC.
Going Underground By: Susan Vaught -Releases in Paperback 9/4 for those who don't like reading hardcover or can't afford it (like me most of the time!) 

*Cool Cover* 
So what looks good to you??  Or what, if any, have you already read?
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