Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top of My Pile

Top of my Pile is a feature created by Crystal at Elegantly Bound Books because she wanted to talk about the book she is currently reading... and so do I!!

So this gives everyone a chance to talk about what you think about the book you're currently reading: how you're liking it so far, your theories, what you think is going to happen to the main characters, etc.  So it's time for me to post about what I read this week and what I'm going to read next :)

Currently Reading:
By Kat Rosenfield
I just started it late last night, so I'm not even 100 pages in yet.  But I like how it switches back and forth between Becca's life and this girl Amelia who was found dead on the side of the road.  How they're not really connected at all to each other, but maybe they are???  Not sure.  What I DON"T like that much is the writing.  It's trying too hard or something.  Ok for example read this:
"The first six calls were spreading the news.  It flooded in from neighbors, fellow gardeners, supermarket shoppers whose elbows would brush against my mother's when they stood side by side and reached for shrink-wrapped, violet-veined chicken cutlets in our grocery's meat section."
Is that not trying too hard?  Do I need to know the color of your raw chicken's veins when the point of the sentence is to let the reader know people were calling your house to gossip?  There's a lot of this kind of stuff in this book and I can tell I'm going to be annoyed by it.  But I really like the premise of it, so I'm hoping I can get over all the over-the-top prose.
What I plan on reading next:
 At What Cost By: J. Anderson
Breaking Beautiful By: Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Weekly Wrap Up:
Sunday I showed you guys the new books that came out this week.
Tuesday I did Top Ten Tuesday- My Fall TBR List!
My Giveaway of Pushing the Limits wrapped up Wednesday at midnight and I announced the winner: Sharmaine C.
Friday I posted a Before the Blog review on The Secret Year.
And I also reviewed What She Left Behind By Tracy Bilen.. good book!


  1. "shrink-wrapped, violet-veined chicken cutlets"?!? Wow. Who knew you would start a book last night that mentioned that. :P

    I agree that is trying a bit too hard, much easier way of talking about gossip.

    Christine x
    Rainy Day Reads

  2. This book sounds interesting, plus the cover is awesome so of course I had to add it to my to-read list ;] Looking forward to your review!
    New GFC follower :]
    p.s. cute layout, love the polka dots!

    Kaitlin @ Read. Write. Love.

    1. Thanks, I like your blog too... i followed back :)

  3. Never heard of the book, thanks for the tip. Looks great:)

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