Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Good and Bad About YA (2)

This is a new weekly thing I'm going to do! I read so many books, and so there are some features in YA that have been standing out to me. Some of them are positive and some negative. Every week (on Thursdays) I'm going to tell one good and one bad thing that shows up in YA :)

Today's Good & Bad:

Good: I like books that have sisters with good relationships (only child here, always wanted a cool sister).  Most of the time in YA (and real life too I guess), if there's sisters they are at odds with each other... but every now and again there will be a book where the sisters have a sweet relationship (of course most of the time it's cause the parents suck, but you can't have it all, right??) 
Example of a book like this: The Secret Life of Prince Charming By: Deb Caletti
Bad: People who brag about NOT reading.  Umm you don't sound cool, you sound dumb... and people who make it seem like I have no life because I have "time to read". It's my god-damned hobby I make time for it!

So that's what I thought this week :)


  1. I never understood those people who act as if reading is something only weirdos do. Working in a college library, I'm shocked by how many people haven't picked up their barcode by senior year or who don't know how to use a library at the age of 19. I could understand if you've lived under a rock for the last two decades or if you were raised in some remote tropical village that's never even seen a book, but this is the US. How does a person get into college without ever having used a library? I know I shouldn't, but I automatically judge people who come into the library acting like they're making a huge sacrifice by being there. I just want to shake them and go, "What is wrong with you?"


    1. Yeah I know some people who think it's cool that they've never read a full length book in their life. Like what??? How is your brain functioning?