Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Good and Bad About YA (4)

This is a new weekly I've been doing.  I read so many books, and so there are some features in YA that have been standing out to me. Some of them are positive and some negative. Every week (on Thursdays) I'm going to tell one good and one bad thing that shows up in YA :)

Good:  I like it when the M/C is a male!  It doesn't happen often enough in YA.  When it's done right I feel like I'm in on what the other side thinks... and I love it. 

Books like this:  I Know It's Over By: C.K. Kelly Martin,  Harry Potter By: J.K Rowling, The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton, Thirteen Reasons Why By: Jay Asher, Twisted By: Laurie Halse Anderson, You Don't Know Me By: David Klass

Bad: Books with Teen Talk.  You know those books where the author tries to put in words that they think teens would use but they just end up sounding ridiculous?  I really hate that. 

Books like this:  The Lonely Hearts Club By: Elizabeth Eulberg ("What to the evs"!!  Um I could've ripped the page out of that book!)
So that's what I'm thinking this week.  Do you know of  any good books with male protags... or any books that use Teen Talk?

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