Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Not You, It's Me By Kerry Cohen Hoffman

Zoe is the kind of girl who keeps track of how many times her boyfriend has kissed her (218 times).  She goes to all of his band rehearsals and gigs... basically he is her whole world.  Until he isn't.  When Henry decides out of the blue that he needs some space from Zoe and wants to "just be friends", Zoe sort of loses it.  She knows there has to be a way to win him back!  She is not willing to accept that everything she felt was one-sided, so she's going to fight for this relationship.

In doing so, she basically stalks him.  She hides in the bushes outside his house, writes creepy poems to him, dresses sexy and tries to mack on his friends to make him jealous.  She also tries to befriend a girl she thinks he's interested in, and a bunch of other humiliating things.

This book was not for me.  I am probably, no 100% definitely, too old to read a book like this.  Having said that, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked this one at any age.  I sort of felt like saying "it's not me, it's you" to this book.... haha, ok not funny. 

Seriously my problems with this book were:
1.  It's written in 3rd person... and that just doesn't really work that great when you are trying to feel what the character is feeling.
2. The main character has no shame.  Or if she does, she has a lot less than me.  I would've stopped after the creepy poems went unanswered.
3.  I don't like seeing other people make complete fools of themselves, and apparently, I don't like to read about it either.  It makes me feel embarrassed when someone is so utterly embarrassing themselves.
4.  I don't like stalkers... like at all!
5.  I don't like girls who make their whole lives about their boyfriends and then really only see it as a bad thing when they've been given no other choice. 

So that's pretty much it on this one.  The great thing about it is the book is short, and even though I know I pretty much just slammed it, I think the book has some redeeming qualities that some people could find entertaining.  So I'm not completely writing it off for everyone, just for me.

Overall: Ehhh.  It was ok.  And you may like it if you like people who put themselves in embarrassing situations over and over again.

Add it to your To-Read List!

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How I got this Book: Library
Date Published: 6/9/2009


  1. Never heard about this book, but I dont think this is the book for me:)

  2. I've never heard about this book but now I know that I should avoid it! Yeah it sounds so childish. Thanks for sharing! :)