Friday, December 21, 2012

Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler

Hudson was on her way to becoming a professional ice skater... a favorite for the upcoming Regionals and a shot at Nationals. That all changes when she realizes her parents marriage is falling apart faster than she can do a sit-spin.  
3 years later and Hudson is just fine with hanging out in her mother's diner making gourmet cupcakes. That is until she gets a letter about a scholarship competition... a second chance for her to fulfill her dreams!?! She knows her mom would freak, so she makes secret arrangements to help the struggling Wolves Hockey Team in exchange for some ice time. Did I mention these are hot hockey guys??? Hudson soon finds out that juggling cupcakes, waitress duty, hockey practice, figure skating practice, helping with her little bro, friendships, and boys is NOT easy. But this is her dream right??
Sarah Ockler is amazing!! I thought Twenty Boy Summer was awesome and this book just blew that one way! There were so many great things about it I don't even know where to start.

Ok, Hudson is an amazing character. She isn't perfect, but she's dealing with so much! It really made me angry at times the amount of responsibility her mother put on her. She was responsible for paying the gas bill? What 17 year old has to do that? And her mother put all the stress of the failing diner on her too. I just didn't think that is something a high school kid should have to worry about. I get it that this happens all the time in real life, but that doesn't make it right.

And then we have Dani. I liked her at first because she was funny and lovable, but then I'm sorry she became a BAD FRIEND. I didn't think that Hudson did anything for her to abandon her like she did.

Now we get to the hockey boys... oh those hockey boys. I love sexy boys in books and there was plenty in this one. Hudson has a crush on Josh, but when it looks like he has a girlfriend, she starts giving in to another boy's (Will's) interests. A lot of people might think she should've waited for Josh, but that's one of my favorite parts of this book... that she didn't. I have totally been there. Liked one guy, but when he didn't seem interested went for another one I didn't like as much, only to have the first guy start pursuing me and then it's too late and I'm like Damn! That stuff happens all the time and why should she wait around? She had a semi-past with Will and so it was worth seeing what was up with him. I liked her more for it.

The BEST BEST BEST part of this book was the little brother, Bug as she calls him. He was so freaking cute and quirky, I fell in love! His little hamster Mr. Napkins, and how he uses his hamster to tell Hudson how he feels... ahhh it's just too cute! 

Another cool thing was the chapter titles were all really awesome cupcake recipes.  For example: Red-Hot Double Crush Cakes- Ginger vanilla cupcakes with chili-infused dark chocolate cream cheese frosting, dusted with cinnamon.  Cute right?

Overall: This is an amazing winter read. Snowy Watonka is the perfect setting for a day when you're snowed in and want to read. But I think the book is good for anytime of the year because the story is just that good and the writing is so beautiful. (I forgot to mention how awesome the writing is in this book... so witty and perfect!)

The writing is fabulous:
"I wanted to explain, but the words weren't there.  Maybe Mom had swept them into the dresser drawer with the proof that my father was having an affair.  Maybe they were already packed away in his suitcase, saving him a seat on the plane that would take him out west.  Maybe the words to explain why I'd thrown away the one thing I'd loved and worked so hard for just didn't exist."

My Rating:

How I got this book: Library
Date Published: 1/3/2012


  1. I'm normally not a fan of contemporaries. I love magic too much. But I just finished Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill. Such a fun read! And this sounds like it would be just as good. Definitely adding it to me to-read list.

  2. I LOVE LOVE Sarah Ockler! She is such an amazing author! I'm glad you enjoyed Bittersweet! Fixing Delilah is probably my favorite!

    1. Fixing Delilah is definitely one I'll be reading soon, I hope... and I can't wait for The Book of Broken Hearts!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I see this book a lot and I loveeee the cover! But I have yet to read it. I think I'm gonna add it to my TBR list :) Awesome review!!

    1. I love the cover too!!! You should definitely read it, it's AMAZING! Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Absolutely adding this to my TBR list, it sounds so cute and a lot of fun! Plus, I've always been fascinated by ice skating. :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  5. I'd heard about this book before and didn't seem too interested, but after your review, I think I might give it a go. Thanks! You make it sound very cute and read-able. And being from MN, I can totally relate to ice sports.