Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Books Out This Week 12/30

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:
By: A.G. Howard
A highly acclaimed and anticipated debut with a beautiful cover!!  It's a take on Alice in Wonderland in which a girl (whose ancestor is the original Alice from the book) thinks she may be mentally ill like her mother.  But then she finds out that the story of Alice in Wonderland is in fact true and now she's finding out that Wonderland is a little different than what was written.  From what everyone's been saying, it sounds great!
By: Robin Mellom
Justina is a girl who never wanted to go to prom... until her best friend Ian asked her.  But when he ditches her on prom day, she has to figure out how this happened.  I love stories like this!!  I love books about popularity, mean girls, and prom... no clue why, I'm just weird.
By: K.M. Walton
It's about a girl named Dell who's overweight and going through a lot of emotional stuff... alone.  I like the idea of it, but I've not heard impressive things, so we'll see.
By: Hannah Moskowitz
I'm not gonna lie, the name of this book gives me the creeps!  It's about a boy whose family moves to an island in an attempt to save his sickly brother.  At first he's depressed and lonely, but then he meets Diana and Teeth.  But Teeth has secrets and well with a name like Teeth why not? PS- Invincible Summer was awful so I'm more than a little concerned about this book.
By: Lisa Schroeder
It's about a girl with an abusive stepfather who becomes involved with a possessive boyfriend.  Then she lands in the ICU somewhere between life and death, and somehow she needs to fight for the love that she wants and needs.  I like it!
By: T.E. Sivec
A New Adult book, which I'm loving this genre right now!!  He saw her first, but his friend made the move.  She settled for the safer choice, but her heart knew the truth.  They love, they crave, they lie.  Love that blurb!
By: Kim Harrington
Jade moves into a new town and quickly realizes her house is haunted.  Haunted by a ghost of a girl who used to be the queen bee of her new high school, and she wants answers and maybe even revenge?  Sounds like a cool murder/mystery/paranormal.  I love it!
By: Sara Shepard
A Prequel to the Pretty Little Liars books.  It's told from Alison's POV in the weeks leading up to her murder.  Damn Ms. Shepard, I can't keep up!
By: Jennifer Rush
A Sci-Fi, Dystopian about a girl who falls for a genetically altered boy who is in her father's lab.  When they come to take him away, the pair ends up on the run together.  It sounds interesting and the guy on the cover is definitely reason enough for me :)
By: Deb Caletti
An anthology of WILD ROSES and THE NATURE OF JADE I haven't read either books, but I have really enjoyed every Deb Caletti book I have read!
Other Books Out This Week:
  • The Essence by Kimberly Derting- The next book in The Pledge Series
  • Zom-B Underground by Darren Shan- Cool title!!  The sequel to Zom-B and is about... ZOMBIES!
  • Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard- Out in paperback this week.  This one features each girl in a short story... and each story is Christmasy/Wintery.

Wow lots of great books to start off 2013 with!!  And if you think this list was good, wait until next week.... there are a ton of books coming out on 1/8, and I can't wait to do that list :)

So what do you like from this week??  I'm into Splintered and Ditched!


  1. Splintered definitely! I am also excited about Falling For You and Altered. I do need to check out the Zom-B series too! :)

  2. I like the cover for Love is All You Need a lot -- but I already own Wild Roses... So it doesn't make sense to buy this one... but the cover is SO PRETTY. Must resist! I hope you get to read Splintered. I'd like to read your review on it!

    1. I think the reason why I want to read Splintered is the cover! Amazing cover! I like the Love is All You Need cover too, but idk if I would like 2 books in 1?

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