Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Books Out This Week 2/17

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:
By: Karen Finneyfrock
Celia is starting high school with a vendetta.  She's determined to get revenge on Sandy Firestone at all costs.  Then Celia meets the new kid, Drake, and she has to decide what is more important friendship or revenge?
Can't wait to read it!!!  I love revenge stories!
By: Gregory Galloway
"Adam Strand isn't depressed. He's just bored. Disaffected. So he kills himself—39 times. No matter the method, Adam can't seem to stay dead; he wakes after each suicide alive and physically unharmed, more determined to succeed and undeterred by others' concerns. But when his self-contained, self-absorbed path is diverted, Adam is struck by the reality that life is an ever-expanding web of impact and forged connections, and that nothing—not even death—can sever those bonds."  This one sounds intense.
By: Kirsten Miller
Mandel Academy is an exclusive school... but not for normal reasons.  You don't get into Mandel because you have a lot of money or high test scores, you get into Mandel because you have potential to be a criminal of the highest levels.... and only the most ruthless graduate.  Flick is at the top of his class until he is put at odds with a new student, and they've been told only one will make it to graduation.
By: Kiersten White
Sisters Fia and Annie are special.  Fia has instincts about things that always turn out true, and Annie is blind but can see visions of the future.  They both attend a school that preys on their talents.  "In a stunning departure from her New York Times bestselling Paranormalcy trilogy, Kiersten White delivers a slick, edgy, heartstoppingly intense psychological thriller about two sisters determined to protect each other—no matter the cost."
By: Kathryn Fitzmaurice
11-year-old Emily Davis, who was named after Emily Dickinson, has been told her whole life that she is destined to be a poet.  But she doesn't want that destiny.  She has other ambitions that she must keep secret from her mother.  But then Emily loses a book of Emily Dickinson's poems that were given to her at birth and on top of that she finds out there may have been something important that she needs to know inside the book.  And so an adventure begins to find the book by searching every bookshop in town.  A Middle-Grade that I think sounds fun... adventures in bookstores, what could be better?!
By: Michael Hassen
Steven "Crash" Crashinsky saved his school from a terrible tragedy, became famous, and got a book deal.  But there is a lot more to the incident than people know.  Like what really happened that day in the teacher's lounge and the truth behind his connection with "Burn" (the perpetrator).  Definitely want to read this!!!
Other Books Out This Week:

  • Under Shifting Glass By: Nicky Singer- Jess finds a magic bottle that she believes could hold the key to helping her conjoined-twin brothers.
  • Fuse (Pure #2) By: Julianna Baggot- The second book in the Pure dystopian series.
  • The Different Girl By: Gordon Dahlquist- A sci-fi/contemporary about 4 nearly identical girls living in isolation.  Then a survivor from a shipwreck shows up on their island and it makes the girls question what they never have before.
  • Shards and Ashes By: Various YA Authors- 9 dystopian stories from NY TImes Bestselling authors

 What books have you been dying to read??  The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door and Crash and Burn are definitely going on my TBR.  What about you?

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