Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peter Pan Inspired Items from Etsy/Pinterest

So for part of Project Fairy Tale, I wanted to do something shopping related.  I decided to post some of my favorite Peter Panish inspired things from Pinterest and Etsy!

Glass Acorn Necklace from Bullseye Beads
  • The glass acorn represents the "kiss" that Peter gives to Wendy in the nursery that ends up saving her life.
  • I think it's adorable and definitely not as well known as the thimble, which is cool.
Laptop Silhouette Decal by InShiningArmor
  • Clearly it's the Disney version of Peter Pan, but I think it's fun :)

  • In the book it says "Second to the right, and straight on til morning", the word star was added later.

  • This was something funny I found on Pinterest that made me laugh!
  • Would make a cute decoration in a picture frame.
  • Adorable idea... if you are rich :)
  • I suppose it could be more of a nautical themed room as well.
  • I think this is so freaking beautiful!!!
  • It would look AMAZING in a study!
  • I love signs like this for decorations!!
  • There's actually a whole Peter Pan themed party that this sign is from... someone definitely had a lot of time on their hands!
  • I thought I loved Tinkerbell... but it turns out I only love the Disney version.  That's okay, she's too damn cute to hold a grudge!
  • I think this costume is adorable.. if I have a daughter, I'd be on it!
  • I think these would be super cool for a summer evening cookout party.
  • or a nightlight for a child!!
  • So Beautiful.. and for any age!!

 Brass or Silver Charm Bracelets by HooliganAlley
  • I especially love the brass one because it looks old.
  • I really like how everyone is represented on here... Tiger Lily by a feather, Wendy by the arrow, the thimble and acorn represent the "kisses", Hook & the Pirates by the flag, the crocodlie by the clock, Neverland by the star, Michael by the bear, John by the umbrella, and Tink is there herself.
Last one...

  • I am officially obsessed with this!!
  • I saw an Alice in Wonderland one like this also and thought it would be really cool to combine the 2 or even add in other magical places!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I love Peter Pan! I think I'm going to be a whole lot poorer after visiing these etsy shops!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm obsessed with everything. That acorn necklace is too cute. And the nursery is beyond adorable. I'm off to visit these shops now. Fantastic post! :)

  3. I love the silhoute. I have been addicted to Peter Pan lately. I have watched our dvd twice since we got it.

  4. I love absolutely everything on this page! I am pinning and hearting these after I post this :) Id love to see the Alice in Wonderland page too. I hope you do one soon! The nursery is beautiful. I'd girly it up a tiny bit for a girl (me!me!) or my daughter if I ever have one and win the lotto..lolz..
    I am a new follower via Goodreads.

  5. Bella's Bookshelf

    Sorry, I forgot to add this.

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