Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Books Coming Out This Week 3/10

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Margaux Froley
Devon, a girl that doesn't quite fit in at her California boarding school, decides to become a peer counselor.  Then one of the most popular students commits suicide and Devon's peer counselor gig just got serious.  She begins to realize that "Hutch" couldn't have killed himself and she's determined to get to the bottom of it.
Pretty Sly (Pretty Crooked #2)
By: Elisa Ludwig
I love this cover!!  So cute!  I the sequel to Pretty Crooked, Willa comes back from juvie to discover her house ransacked and her mom gone.  She knows her mom is in danger, so she violates her probation and heads out on a road trip with Aiden (her bad-boy crush).
By: Rachel Shukert
"Set in Old Hollywood, Starstruck follows the lives of three teen girls as they live, love, and claw their way to the top in a world where being a star is all that matters." ~Goodreads Description
By: Sharon M. Draper
When a good-looking man at the mall claims to be looking to cast a star-dancer for a movie, Diamond makes the wrong decision.  Now she's being held and tortured while her family becomes desperate for news.
By: Debra Driza
Another great cover & everyone's been dying to read this one!  A sci-fi thriller about a girl who finds out that she really came from a lab, programmed with artificial intelligence.  Mila goes on the run to escape the people that think she knows too much and the people who want to unlock and use her advanced technology.  The first book in a new trilogy series.
By: Nora Raleigh Baskin
Maggie, a star swimmer, is cursed with a gift of drawing out people's deepest secrets.  Because of this most people avoid her.  She's dealing with an obsessive crush on a wrestling boy, a family tragedy, and a magical ability that puts people completely off of her.
By: Kirsten Smith
An unlikely threesome meets at Shoplifters Anonymous and instead of rehabilitating, they try to out-do each other in a stealing game.  LOVE IT!

By: Bridget Zinn
A fantasy/adventure book about Kyra, a potions master who goes on the run after a failed assassination attempt.  But Kyra is not your average criminal, she's trying to kill the princess to save the kingdom... but can she do it before the king's army (and her ex Hal) find her?

Other Books Out This Week:
  • Promises to Keep (Den of Shadows #9) By: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes- Book 9 in this Paranormal vampire series.
  • Scowler By: Daniel Kraus- YA horror about a boy who lives in the shadow of an abusive past and then a meteor hits.
  • Fat Angie By: e.E. Charlton-Trujillo- "Her sister was captured in Iraq, she’s the resident laughingstock at school, and her therapist tells her to count instead of eat. Can a daring new girl in her life really change anything?" ~Goodreads
  • Strands of Bronze and Gold By: Jane Nickerson- Retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale.
  • Finn Finnegan By: Darby Karchut- Middle-Grade Fantasy about Irish Knights, magic, and goblins.
  • Deep Betrayal (Lies Beneath #2) By: Anne Greenwood Brown- Book 2 in the Lies Beneath series about mermaids.

So what is going on your TBR??  I know I already added Trinkets and I'm thinking about Escape Theory and starting the Pretty Crooked series!


  1. Ah! So many awesome books- what a list.
    Starstruck, Escape Theory and Trinkets are high on my want-to-read list! Strands of Bronze and Gold sounds really interesting as well.


  2. really excited for Trinkets and Poison!!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. So many awesome books coming out this month! Last week alone was LET THE SKY FALL and REQUIEM. This week? PANIC, MILA 2.0, SURFACING... Gah, I'm going to have a tough time trying to save my pocket money!

  4. Oh wow! Thanks so much for letting me know! I can't wait to read some of these :)

    Sunny @ Blue Sky Bookshelf