Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Books Out This Week 3/3

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Lisa Burnstein
Cassie was arrested on Prom night and was sent to a "rehab" camp.  Cassie is closed off from everyone and she has her reasons, but then she meets Ben.  And the more she tries to keep him distanced, the closer he's getting to her.
By: Jessica Brody
The sole-survivor of an airplane crash has no memory of who she is or who she was before the crash.  As she starts to try to piece together her past and figure out what these strange abilities she has are all about, a boy comes forward and claims to know her.  He claims they were in love, but can she trust him? PS- It's a series.  And I still haven't read 52 Reasons, WTF!!
By: Carly Anne West
I am all about this book!  Nell heard voices that drove her to kill herself.  Now her sister Sophie wants to know the true story.  But the deeper she digs the more lies and secrets she comes across... and now she's hearing the voices.
By: Sarah Skilton
When Imogen is in a hold-up at a diner, she does nothing.  Before the incident her black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do makes her feel strong and capable, but now she just feels helpless.  Now she has to find a way to redefine herself and there's also a boy who was at the diner with her that day who she's been getting close to.
By: D.C. Pierson
Tom has been taken from Earth because he is the Chosen One, the one who will bring glory to the magical kingdom.  Except this kingdom is mostly just crap: garbage everywhere, women with mustaches, rat snot... gross!!  So Tom turns his position down, only to be replaced by his BFF Alex, the guy who's always been cooler, better with girls etc.  So now now Tom wants his kingdom back, even if it is crappy.
By: Darynda Jones
The highly anticipated sequel to the YA Paranormal Death and the Boy Next Door.
By: Wendy Higgins
When Brooke and Ryan are in high school there are so many things in the way.  She's too old for him, she's out of his league, and he's in the "friend zone".  But time has past and now Ryan is going away to college, and when Brooke makes a reappearance in his life he's ready to find out if all those things that came between them before still exist.
By: Evan Roskos
James is a depressed and lonely guy who wants to understand why his sister was kicked out of the house and where she went.  He deals through his humor and passion for poetry, especially Walt Whitman.  This one sounds deep :)
By: Siobhan Curham
When Claire wants to write a book about her life, she assumes it will be boring... that she will have to make stuff up.  But that's not the case.  A family secret comes out that makes her life anything but ordinary.
By: Lauren Oliver
The long awaited finale in the Delirium series!
By: Shannon Messenger
Vane survived a category 5 tornado which killed his parents and now he dreams every night of a girl who may or may not be real.  She ends up being Audra, and she is a WindWalker... and also Vane's guardian.  Now she has to help Vane figure out who he is before it's too late.
 Other Books Out This Week:

  • Permanent Record By: Leslie Stella- An Iranian-American boy who is bullied, depressed, and angry takes his revenge by doing small acts of vengeance... but when letters to the editor show up threatening the safety of the school "Bud" knows he has to clear his name.
  • While Others Sleep By: Tom Becker- A creepy YA horror set in a sanitorium for rich kids.
  • Unravel By: Calia Read- A New Adult about a woman who travels in time to fix a family vendetta.
  • When We Wuz Famous By: Greg Takoudes- When a basketball player from a bad neighborhood gets a scholarship to an elite boarding school, he realizes he'll never fit in with the kids there, but when he goes home he doesn't belong there anymore either.  Then one night in an attempt to prove he still belongs with his boys, he makes a decision that will change his life.
  • The Nightmare Affair By: Mindee Arnett- A new series about a girl who goes to a boarding school for magickind.  And she's the only Nightmare there.
  • Flowers in the Sky By: Lynn Joseph- A YA Contemp about a girl who moves from The Dominican Republic to NYC.
  • There is No Dog (paperback) By: Meg Rosoff- What if God were a teenage boy?  A new paperback release of this novel.
  • Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters (paperback) By: Meredith Zeitlin- LOVED this book and am so glad they didn't change the cover for the paperback!  If you liked Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty, you should def. read this :)

March is starting out with a bang!!  So many books I've been dying waiting for, plus a few that I never heard of before but love now!  The Nightmare Affair, The Murmurings, Dear Cassie, Flirting With Maybe... I don't know what to read first!  What have you been waiting for??  Or what new catches your eye?


  1. So beautiful covers. Loves the last one:) really want to read that book sometime:)

  2. There's so many books coming out! I preordered Unremembered so I really hope I like it! I thought 52 Reasons to Hate My Father was really cute and funny. :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. I NEED to read 52 Reasons... my TBR is just so out of control! Unremembered seems so different from that one though! I don't usually like when authors switch around in their genres.