Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Reviewers' Roundtable- Blogger Jealousy

So this is a discussion feature that we've been doing for a while now... but we've decided to change it up a little bit.  We're now discussing a topic every Thursday and opening it up to anyone else who wants to make a post and discuss these bookish topics with us.  So just add your info to the Linky below and link back to either me or Emily and we'll stop by and chat with ya!

The Hosts:

Blogger Jealousy: Do you ever get jealous of other bloggers and why?

So yeah blogger jealousy.... it sucks!!  I hate being jealous of other people.  I like it when I can feel happy for other peoples' successes.  And in blogging I really really want to feel happy for people.  But sometimes it's so damn hard!  You know those blogs that have like thousands of followers, and you go to comment on a review that was just posted and there's already like 25 comments??  Ughh it's so discouraging!  But it SO shouldn't be!  Those people have worked hard to have that many followers... and I'm sure they have super creative content going on to keep that many people coming back.  And they deserve their success!  But I  can't help but look at my lonely reviews with not so many comments and think damn!

Actually blogger jealousy is the #1 reason that I don't visit Stacking the Shelves/In My Mailbox posts.  Sorry guys, if you do these posts, I probably won't be stopping by.  It's just that when I visit people blogs and I see pictures of all the AWESOME books that they get from publishers and such... I feel so bad!  And then I go through a three day gloom period where I think my blog sucks and I shouldn't even bother because nobody likes me and blah blah blah  So I don't do that to myself anymore.  It's not that I don't want to see all your cool books, and it's not that I'm not happy for you... I really am!!  It's just I don't like being all green with envy.  I am not pretty as a jealous person :(

So bottom line.... I try really hard to remind myself that I blog because I love blogging.  I love talking about books and visiting other peoples' blogs and meeting other people who like doing the same!  That's why I blog.  I don't blog to get books from publishers, or have a million followers and comments, or to be the cool kid on the block.  But I do have to remind myself of these things sometimes because YOU GUYS are so amazing and hard to keep up with!  My goal now is to just be inspired by awesome blogs and not envy them so much.  But I'm still working on it :)

Now tell me... What makes you jealous??  Do you ever just want to quit when you feel like others are having more success than you?

And PS- I put a tab at the top of my page to let you guys know future topics and there's a place for topic suggestions too :) 


  1. I know what you mean! To me it's not the Stacking the shelves/IMM posts that make me green with envy. It's the posts about conventions. Oh, Italy has tons of cool conventions for book lovers, but only very few authors that I read come to those conventions. Most of them happen either in Canada or in the US. And you're right, sometimes it is hard to keep that jealousy from getting at you. Which is why I stay away from convention posts :P
    By the way, in case you didn't know this, your blog rocks!

    1. I haven't made it to any cool book conventions either! I would LOVE to go to BEA in NYC, but I want to go with someone who's been there before bc it looks a little intimidating for a first-timer! During BEA week this past spring, I especially stayed away from haul posts in the weeks after!! Holy jealous! Thanks for saying my blog rocks! That's sweet of you... yours is cool too, I'm now following you via Bloglovin :)

  2. Yeah, I stopped doing the Stacking the Shelves a while ago, too. It just wasn't fun. Great discussion!

  3. This is all so true!
    I now do monthly stacking the shelves but it's mostly all the amazon bargains I brought for myself! Then I go and comment and everyone has so many books I'd love- it is quite depressing!
    Great post!