Monday, October 14, 2013

New Books Out Week of 10/13

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Nina de Gramont
After her boyfriend/step-brother dies in an accident, Tressa is finding life extremely difficult.  Most people didn't want them to be together in the first place, so how could they ever understand her grief now?  The only time she doesn't feel suicidal is when Luke's ghost visits her at night.  This could be a trifecta of things that are instant turn-offs for me: step-sibling incest romance (ick), teacher/student love (hell no!), suicide attempts (??).  We'll see.

By: Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Cole recently lost his mother and just broke up with his long-term girlfriend... now the only holding him back from leaving this small-town behind him is graduation.  But there's something that Cole doesn't know.... something that could just keep him in the town he's always resented.

By: Christa Desir
The release date was pushed back... but this really is coming out this week!  When Ben and Ani meet, love is in the air.  Then Ani goes to a party and something happens there that changes her forever.  She's raped.  Now Ben is struggling to help the girl he cares about, but she seems determined to push him away.  This leaves Ben wondering if anything will ever be the same again?

(Alice #25)
By: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
The final Alice book!!  Alice is going to college and after 28 books, everything you wanted to know about Alice will be revealed.

By: Kim Williams Justesen
When Mike's dad is killed in a car accident, he assumes he will live with his stepmother... she's the only mother he's had in a long time.  But his estranged bio-mom shows up and demands custody, forcing him to move across the country with a woman he feels like he doesn't even know.  Now Mike is determined to take on the courts and get the judgement he knows is right.

By: Sarah Guillory
Jenna can't wait to get out of her small town and away from her family problems.  Then the McAlister twins move to town and she becomes entangled in their lives and in their secrets.

By: Jessica Martinez
Mo and Annie are just friends... even if no one thinks a guy and a girl can be just friends.  But when Mo's dad is on the verge of being deported, Annie suggests they pretend to be in love.  They can marry and Mo can stay in America.  But then Annie begins to see a chance at love for real and has to decide what's more important... love or friendship?

Other Books Out This Week:

I want to read Anywhere But Here and The Deepest Blue.  I was thinking about reading The Darkest Minds now that the 2nd book is out... we'll see.  What are you into this week?

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  1. So looking forward to The Vow! I've really enjoyed Jessica Martinez's previous titles, so I hope this is as good as it sounds :-)

    Great picks!