Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Books Out Week of 12/8

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Tammar Stein
When Leni's parents hit the lottery they lived the high life... for a while.  Now that the money is about run out, they are counting on Leni getting into her trust fund on her 18th birthday and helping them out.  And she's totally prepared to do it.... until her sister tells her a shocking secret which changes everything.

(Starbound #1)
By: Amie Kaufman
When their luxury spaceliner goes haywire, Tarver (a war hero) and Lilac (daughter of the richest man in the universe) survive but are stranded on a strange planet.  Now they must learn to work together and survive until help can come.

By: Dyan Seldon
Hildy hasn't had much luck with boys.  Right before summer she meets Connor and all that changes... she finally has what she's always wanted: a boyfriend!  But falling in love with Connor isn't as amazing as she thought it would be.  Connor has some insecurity and jealousy issues and her summer of love has now become a lot more complicated.

Other Books Out This Week:

Teeny tiny list this week!!  And Christmas is right around the corner.... I want more!  Anyhow Spoils and These Broken Stars look pretty good.  Not sure about One or Two Things since I dated a guy once that sounds a lot like Connor.  Not sure I want to relive that :)

What are you going to pick up?  Or have you already read any of these??  Share what you thought if you have!

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