Monday, February 10, 2014

New Books Out Week of 2/9

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Andrew Smith
I have absolutely no idea how to describe this one, but I liked Winger, and it sounds incredibly strange and awesome at the same time!

(Pivot Point #2)
By: Kasie West
Picks up where Pivot Point leaves off with both Addie AND Laila's POVs.  Addie is not exactly happy with how her choices have turned out and jumps at a chance to spend winter break in the Norm world.  There she meets people (like Trevor) who seem familiar to her, but being the way her power works, she can't quite remember them.  She also sees a change in her power, she's able to manipulate time, but with a price.

By: Kelly Oram
When Avery gets her heart broken, she decides to use it for what she does best: Science.  The State Science Fair is coming up, she's using her broken heart as the topic of her experiment... and find a cure.  But with her science partner being her ex, she decides to use his older brother as her "outside objective observer".  With Grayson's bad grades and wild reputation, Avery is about to get more than she bargained for.

(Fates #1)
By: Lanie Bross
A Mythology Romance about Fates.  Corinthe has been exiled from Pyralis to the human world.  Her job there is to guide people to their fates, even if it means death.  Now she's on her final job: Kill Lucas Kaller.  The problem is Corinthe has been on Earth long enough to develop some human feelings.  Like love.  And suddenly killing Lucas so she can go home isn't as easy as she would have expected.

By: Lynne Ewing
Blaise does not live in a good neighborhood.  She lives with her grandmother and is surrounded by gangs, poverty, drugs, and addiction.  She decides the best way for her to make her situation better is to actually join one of these gangs.  She's immediately faced with a brutal initiation and is soon being used as bait in a dangerous game with a rival gang.

By: Kate Scott
Sam is a super-smart girl with a severe learning disability.  So when she moves to a new town, she decides to hide her dyslexia/illiteracy from her classmates.  She falls in with the smart kids, nicknamed the Brain Trust, and swoons over her valedictorian lad partner Nate.  Sam is loving her new life, but now she's got to work harder than ever to keep the lies going.

(Dark Passages #1)
By: Ilsa J. Bick
A Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Thriller that is supposed to be a Martrix meets Inception.  The rest of the synopsis gets kind of confusing and from the reviews I've read, the book actually might be pretty confusing.

By: J.C. Carlson
Laila has been living a new life in suburban America, going to high school, making new friends.  But her mother puts all that in jeopardy when she begins working with the CIA to get Laila's family restored to the throne from the Middle Eastern country they fled from.

By: McCormick Templeman
When five horsemen go into the woods near Rowan's village, they don't come out.  A search party discovers the men have been savagely killed... and it seems whatever darkness befell them has made it's way into her town.

By: Leigh Ann Kopans
When Ashley moved in with her Aunt and Uncle to escape the bullying at her old school, she met Brendan: Her BFF and secret crush.  Now she dreams of being on the Mathlete team that he's the captain of and making him see her as more than just a friend.  Enter new girl Sophia.  Ultimate mean girl who takes an interest in Brendan and takes Ashley's spot on the team.  Her new goal becomes making Brendan see Sophia for who she really is.... but she doesn't count on Sophia's sexy twin bro, Vincent, taking an interest in her.  Can she really trust someone who is so closely related to her sworn enemy??

By: Mark Huntley Parsons
When Zach is dropped by his band, he gets an opportunity to go on tour with an even better band.  He couldn't feel any better than this.  But he soon finds out that life in this new band isn't all sunshine and rainbows.  The band is full or rivalry and jealousy, and his girl from back home seems to be moving on without him.

By: Caroline Bock
"From the author of LIE, a powerful new young adult novel about a fateful Long Island summer and the lives of three young people who will never be the same." ~Goodreads

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Ughh sickness has officially hit my house.  Everyone here is sick!!  I plan on taking advantage of this by staying in bed and READING!!  That's the brightside I guess :\  I want to read Grasshopper Jungle, Solving for Ex, and the Pivot Point series looks good too!!

What are you dying to read??

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  1. The Avery Shaw Experiment, Counting to D, and Solving for Ex are all on my to-read list! They all seem so geeky-cute, and I adore lighthearted reads. Feel better soon, Michelle! The only good thing about getting sick is having more reading time, haha.