Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Books Out Week of 3/16

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Julie Murphy
When Alice is diagnosed with Leukemia, she asks her friend Harvey to help her with a unique bucket list.  This one will be all about righting all the wrongs in Alice's life: good and bad.  Just as all the scores get settled, Alice goes into remission.  Now she has to answer for everything she's done over the past year.

By: Lisa Colozza Cocca
Fleeing her abusive father, Becky hops into a train car which contains a surprise: a baby in a duffel bag.  Becky knows how to take care of babies thanks to her nine younger siblings, so she decides to take care of the baby.  They exit the train in Georgia, where Becky gets taken in by thrift shop owner, Rosie.  But people in this small town talk and soon Becky's secrets are getting harder to keep.

By: Rebecca Serle
Caggie's life has gone from privileged to guilt-ridden in the instant her younger sister drowned when she was supposed to be watching her.  But then everyone misinterprets something and thinks she's saved a classmate from committing suicide.  Being touted as a hero for something she didn't do, while still being eaten up by guilt over what she did do is slowly killing Caggie.  Then she meets new boy, Astor, and finds that he can understand her pain... but she soon finds his pain goes deeper and darker than anything she's felt.

(Pretty Crooked #2)
By: Elisa Ludwig
The sequel to Pretty Crooked.  When Willa comes home to find her house trashed and her mother gone, she knows she has to violate her probation to find her.

By: Colleen Hoover
When Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate Tori, she doesn't know what to do next.  Sydney is an aspiring musician and has long been taken with Ridge, a guitar playing neighbor of hers.  But he's in a relationship with Maggie.  When Ridge discovers Sydney's love for music, he invites her to stay with him and help him with lyrics to his music.  And of course chemistry ignites.

By: Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam
Regan's father  is the creator of a new technology that's about to be launched nationwide.  Elusion is an app that allows a person to visually transport to another place to begin adventures without real life consequences.  But when Regan's dad turns up dead and there are accusations about Elusion, she know she has to defend the product.  That is until she starts uncovering secrets and lies... then she has to choose between loyalty and love.

(Chaos Theory #1)
By: Sarah Harian
Evalyn was once a normal college student, now she's an accused killer. The only way to prove her innocence is to take part in an experimental prison obstacle course called The Compass Room.  This is a new technology that puts several people accused of crimes in, and if they survive a month, they are presumed innocent.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Smaller list this week.  I would love to read Side Effects May Vary and The Edge of Falling.  What are you interested in??

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