Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison

Anything to Have You

Natalie and Brooke are best friends.  They may not have the same outlook on life or have very much in common, but they've got each other's backs.  Then Natalie wakes up at a party in bed next to Aiden.... Brooke's boyfriend.

Natalie doesn't know what happened... only that something did.  Will Aiden and Natalie face the truth of that night, or will things continue as they've always been?  And can a friendship survive a possible betrayal?

This is usually the type of book I would like, but *sigh* I just couldn't.  It's about Natalie and Brooke, best friends who are complete opposites.  Natalie is the goody-goody perfect one and Brooke has to be the stereotypical mean girl.  And it was just too much.

So, Natalie gets drunk one night and wakes up next to Brooke's perfect boyfriend, Aiden.  The last thing Natalie remembers is making out with Eric... so she chooses to assume that she's slept with Eric and then crawled in bed with Aiden during her blackout state.  No, no one will talk about what happened or ask any questions-- we will just all assume.

The thing about Natalie is, she just won't shut up in her own head.  She has to tell you every little observation and every hesitation.  I liked her at times, but then she would ruin it by over-sharing.  Then there was Aiden who so obviously loved her and she's just too dumb to notice.  I really can't stand to read books where characters are completely oblivious to people's super obvious feelings.  UGHH it's fustrating.

Then after all that, there's a twist.  Which anyone with a brain would see coming a mile away.  There were hints dropped and they were HUGE.  Honestly it would have just been better for the author to tell the secret right off the bat rather than thinking she was clever dropping the biggest clues she could possibly drop.

After that I was just insanely bored.  Everything plays out how a million other books play out.  No surprises, no nothing.  I don't want to be mean, but this book did nothing for me.  And I wanted it to.

OVERALL:  Pass on this one.  It's not particularly well written and there's a ton of telling, telling, telling.  There is a big twist, but Captain Obvious comes along and pretty much spells it out what it's going to be well before it's revealed.  I was bored and annoyed through much of the book and wouldn't recommend it.

How I got this book: Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Teen for allowing me to read and honestly review this book.
Date Published: 1/28/2014
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Add it to your To-Read List!! (or not)

This Book Contains:
  • Mean Girls
  • Parties
  • Drinking, Sex, Drugs
  • Swearing
  • Snow & Sled riding
  • Pennsylvania setting
  • A school project
  • Sexual tension
  • A bad boy
  • Prom

My Rating: 1/5


  1. I completely agree with you about this book. It was a bit of a disappoint for me :-(

  2. i.. kinda liked it in an OK kind of way. i gave it 3.5 stars because i did enjoy it.. thought the twist was so obvious and the supposed best friend who treats her like crap pissed me off.. but i totally get why you didn't like it.. i was bothered by everything you mentioned just not too much to dislike it.

    great review,
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. I actually really hated this one as well! I've gone through my fair share of absolutely terribly treating best friends so I literally wanted to knock the two girls heads together. Like no one should be treating eachother that way. They're just both wallowing in their own grief. ><

  4. I enjoyed this one a little more than you did haha what really bothered me was the POV switch!

    1. Ughh that POV switch was terrible! I would have minded it except that it had to go back over stuff that already happened! Like I care to see the exact same events from the other girl's eyes... not really!