Monday, June 9, 2014

New Books Out Week of 6/8

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Danielle Vega
Sofia is an army brat starting her 7th new school.  She soon meets a trio of pretty, popular girls who seem nice enough.  But when those girls decide that a girl named Brooklyn needs to be "saved" from possession, Sofia becomes a witness to a horror that she never expected.

By: Julie Peters
After Alix's girlfriend dies suddenly, she discovers that Swanee's been leading a total double life.  It turns out Swanee's been dating another girl named Liana, and Alix begins texting her from Swanee's phone to find out more about this situation.  But soon Alix and Liana become closer than she thought they would, and Alix knows she's going to have to come clean to Liana about her own lies.

By: Kate Karyus Quinn
Gardenerville is a paradise.  No one ever gets sick and people don't die young... most people.  Every 4 years the teens in this town get infected with dark urges.  4 years ago one of those teens was Skylar's sister Piper.  Now Skylar knows the only way to get her sister back is to stop the murderous cycle once and for all.

By: Sean Olin
In the beach town of Dream Point, Carter and Lilah are the ultimate golden couple.  For 4 years they've been the It-Couple at their school.  Then Jules comes along and catches Carter's eye... and now Lilah is determined to make her pay.

By: Bethany Neal
Cassidy is trapped in the world of the living... except she's not anymore.  She remembers her first kiss, but her last one??  That's a total blur.  Everyone is saying her death was a suicide, but she has a deep seeded feeling that that's not what happened.  Now if only she can dig deeper and resolve what led up to that final kiss... and who it was with.

By: Karen Finneyfrock
Starbird lives on Free Family Farm, a commune in Washington State.  She's been totally isolated from the outside world and has never been exposed to how modern society lives.  When she's 16 she gets a "calling" to become a waitress at the Free Family's Seattle restaurant.  She's totally unprepared for the World Outside and soon she's learning and questioning more about herself and her family than she ever expected.

By: Kat Rosenfeld
Callie's mother died in a drowning accident to which Callie was the only witness.  After that her father moved them away from the coast, to a place he thought would offer healing and recovery.  Callie also suffers from a debilitating lung disease and hasn't been back to the ocean since that terrible day.  Now her father has gotten a job he can't refuse... right on the Florida coast.  And mysteriously, Callie's lung disease disappears when she breathes the ocean air.  But as much as the air has healed her, it also compels her to the waters... and possibly to a fate just like her mother's.

(The Murder Complex #1)
By: Lindsay Cummings
Meadow lives in a world where she must be prepared to fight and kill at any moment.  She lives on a houseboat with her dad and has been training for survival her whole life.  When Meadow ventures beyond her comfort zone in order to get a job, she meets Zephyr, an orphan boy with secrets and repressed memories.  An action-ey dystopian thriller.

(The Witch Hunter #1)
By: Michelle Krys
Indie is your typical popular, partying cheerleader.  Then someone dies right in front of her... and she finds out there's more to her mother owning an occult shop than just being quirky.  It turns out that the family "Bible" her mother is severely possessive of has been stolen, and a sexy stranger named Bishop shows up to tell her she must get it back.  If she doesn't, every witch on the planet will die... and she's just been informed that that includes her, because Indie is a witch too.

By: Elisa Ludwig
4 "Breakfast Club"-like teens band together to rob the U.S. Mint during a school field trip.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I've been such a bad blogger lately!!  Very sorry.  BEA messed me all up with my reading schedule... and with work and summer starting, I've been insane busy!  I plan to get back to my normal amount of blogging ASAP.  June is an awesome month for books.  I can't wait to read The Merciless, it sounds intense!  I also really liked Karen Finneyfrock's first book, so I'm thinking of giving Starbird a chance.  Wicked Games and My Last Kiss also look interesting.  What do you like from this list??

PS- If you haven't read my BEA recap post you can find that here!!

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  1. I just finished (Don't You) Forget About Me last night. It was so weird and creepy. It was fantastic! You should try it out.