Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Books Out Week of 7/6

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Lauren Barnholdt
The story of an unlikely relationship and all of it's ups and downs.

By: Rainbow Rowell
An Adult novel about a failing marriage and a chance to go back in time and fix things... that is if they are even supposed to be fixed?

By: Christine Hurley Deriso
Forrest always looks forward to her family vacation at their beach house.  But this year her brother's obnoxious girlfriend, Olivia, tags along.  Now Forrest becomes obsessed with finding out what's going on with Olivia's obvious eating disorder.... but it may not be at all what Forrest was expecting, and the next 30 days just might bring out a whole lot more about her family than she ever expected.

By: Katrina Leno
Molly has always suffered from blackouts, periods of her life that she just can't remember.  But now she's starting to remember... and finding out about a whole other life that she seems to have led.

By: Terra Elan McVoy
Brynn swims and that's all that matters to her.  It's her escape from her messed up family, her lack of school friends, and her shortcomings in classes.  She's super competitive about swimming and it's all about to pay off.  But then a new guy joins her swim team and now her competitive streak is about to follow her outside the pool as well.

By: Holly Brown
When 14-year-old Marley disappears with a note that says "Don't look for me" her parents are convinced it's not just a runaway scenario.  When the police fail to produce, they begin looking for Marley themselves in any way they can.  But when Rachel (the mother) misses a television interview and is caught in a lie, the public starts speculating that she had something to do with Marley's disappearance.

(Linked #2)
By: Imogen Howson
The sequel to Linked finds Elissa and Lin trying to make it back to their home planet.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I hope everyone here in the states had a fabulous 4th of July weekend!!!  I know I did :)  This is my birthday week (let's not talk about the number though), and I know I'll definitely be reading Landline and Through to You.  Thirty Sunsets and The Half Life of Molly Pierce are also on my TBR.  What up there ^ looks good to you?

PS- Where is summer going?


  1. Oh, I'm really excited about Landline, The Kiss of Deception and Midnight Thief! I've heard amazing things about all of them.

  2. I'm excited for MOLLY PIERCE!!! I love love this blog hop and please…don't stop! It's really how I find what I want to read next, whether it's at the bookstore or at the library.

    1. Thank you so much!! I feel like it helps me be more knowledgeable on what's coming out when.... but it takes a lot of time to do, so it's nice to know other people are getting something out of it :)