Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Books Coming Out Week of 10/26

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Ally Condie
Rio lives in a world below land, but has always dreamt of more than her underwater city of Atlantia.  Then Rio's twin sister (who never wanted to leave Atlania) strands Rio for life above.  Rio knows Bay must have had a good reason for what she did, but Rio can't come up with one.  So she forms a plan to uncover those reasons, which unearths dangerous questions.

By: Eric Devine
Greg is sick of getting bullied and isolated because of his weight, so for his film class he decides to make a documentary documenting his weight loss journey.  While doing this, he inadvertently witnesses a lacrosse hazing situation.  Now he has to decide if it's worth the risk to expose something he knows is wrong.

By: Mary McKinley
When Beau transfers to Rusty's school, she's relieved because now there's another target for the bullies.  Beau is gay, which apparently ranks higher on their list than fat & smart.  When it becomes violent, Beau decides to runaway to San Francisco and a roadtrip ensues.

(The Secret Diamond Sisters #2)
By: Michelle Maddow
The second book in this series about a group of sisters suddenly thrust in the limelight after discovering their father is a hotel mogul.

By: Mary Amato
A 16-year-old songwriter gets a job in order to buy a ukulele and along the way finds out that her father didn't abandon her like she thought he did.

By: Rebecca James
When Cooper Bartholomew is found at the bottom of the cliff, it's ruled a suicide.  His girlfriend Libby knows in her heart that it can't be true and makes it her business to find out what really happened.

(The Heirs of Watson Island #1)
By: Martina Boone
When Barrie's mother dies, she moves onto her aunt's Southern plantation and finds that the place is haunted with an ancient spirit and a curse.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

I'm reading Press Play right now... and ehhh.  I'm not loving it.  I would like to read Atlantia even though it's WAY out of my usual type.  I also think the Diamond Sisters series looks cute.  What new books are you reading/planning on getting to?

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  1. There are SO many books that came out in October and SO many more coming out in November. I'm really excited! I'm hoping they're all good ones that I thoroughly enjoy. :P

    I doubt I'll read Michelle Madows' new book because I heard iffy things about the first. I live in Las Vegas and from what people said, the portrayals of the town were REALLY inaccurate. :/ That would make me more mad than anything else.

    I want to get my hands on Talon but I'm afraid I won't like it too much. :( I'm so picky about portrayals of dragons, but hopefully it's another good one from Julie Kagawa.