Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Books Coming Out Week of 4/26

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Trisha Leaver
When identical twins are in a car accident and only one survives, the surviving twin chooses to take over her more popular sister's life.  She thinks it will be better for everybody and will ease her guilt about being partially responsible for the crash.

By: Kody Keplinger
Sonny is a liar.  When a new boy moves to her town, her and Amy (her BFF) proclaim him a prep-school snob.  When he asks Amy out, they plot a prank.  But then Sonny spends all night talking to him online (posing as Amy, of course), and to her horror she, Sonny, might actually like him!

By: Jen Brooks
Jonathan can create different worlds, and of course he's given himself everything he's ever wanted in one of them.  But when he starts confusing worlds, the real one and his alternate one starts changing.

By: Robin Constantine
A boy who's band and relationship are in ruins and a girl who has family issues come together as friends that could maybe be something more.

By: Maria Dahvana Headley
Aza's lung disease keeps her from living a normal life.  When she sees a vision of a ship in the sky, no one except her BFF and crush Jason believes that it's real.  When Aza ends up on that ship, and a place called Magonia, she finds herself free of any signs of sickness.  But also she finds Magonia is on the brink of war with Earth... and she needs to figure out where her loyalties lie.

(The Ladybirds #1)
By: Jenny McLachlan
Bea, who is routinely bullied by her ex-bestie Pearl, has learned to keep her head down and stay out of the spotlight at school.  When a prominent dance competition show comes to her school, she decides to enter... and she gets paired up with the cutest guy in school, who also happens to be Pearl's crush.

By: Amy Reed

When Evie goes from a terminal cancer diagnosis, to being cancer-free, her life changes in so many ways.  Before the cancer she was happy, then she was terminal and just trying to enjoy each day she had left.  When all that is over, she can't go back.  From there she's on a downward spiral that her friends and family may not be able to pull her out of.

By: Cole Gibson
Because of the pressure from her mother, Regan has pushed herself to become popular.  But then every email and text in which she's ever said something bad about somebody gets printed out and plastered all over the school.

By: Sarah McGuire
Retelling of Grimm's The Valiant Little Tailor.  Saville lives with her father, the tailor, and has to pretend to be his apprentice (and a boy) when he goes ill so that she can support them.

(Contours of the Heart #3)
By: Tammara Webber
Pearl is in-between college and med school when a boy who she should be running from crosses her path.  Even though Boyce is rebellious and wild, it also turns out that he's more than just what people think of him.

(The Asylum Saga #1)
By: Jenny Adams Perinovic
Amelia has withdrawn a lot since her brother's death.  She also hasn't seen the ghost that used to haunt her since that time.  Now she's finding out this "woman in white" might be a soul that's trapped, and she wants to help her... but with the arrival of a new boy coinciding with dead bodies turning up, things in Asylum, Pennsylvania may be darker and more evil than she ever imagined.

By: Daniel Herborn
A singer-songwriter and a music obsessed girl get together.

By: Rachel Hawthorne
By: Rachel Hawthorne
By: Rachel Hawthorne
2 new books and a re-release of 2 summer favorites.  Trouble From the Start- A good girl and a bad boy get together.  The Boyfriend Project- A girl gives her long-time (and semi-boring) boyfriend a makeover and it backfires.  Now girls are noticing him, and he's noticing them right back!

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

The Secrets We Keep was an okay book.  I read it last week, but wasn't in love :(  I also really want to read Lying Out Loud, Life Unaware, A Magic Dark and Bright, and possibly a few others.  Any you can recommend?

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  1. Loved Cold Burn of Magic and The Secrets We Keep! I'm really excited about Life Unaware, and The Game of Love and Death :D

    1. Cold Burn of Magic sounds really good now that I've read the description thoroughly!! That cover is what made me not think I would be interested. That's pretty lame of me :(

  2. so many great titles! Laugh Out Loud is one i really want to read, as well as an ember in the ashes and the replaced!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf