Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Books Out Week of 4/19

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Katie Cotugno
Molly is forced to come back to her hometown for one last summer before college starts.  Unfortunately, her hometown is the scene of a scandal that she caused which put a rift between two brothers... and it doesn't seem like many people have forgotten, especially Patrick, her ex.

By: Kristin Halbrook
Kayla saw something at a party and made a promise to her friend never to tell.  Now a summer has past, and Kayla needs to decide whether to do the right thing or the easy thing.

By: Joy Preble
Sisters who grew up relying on each other to help get through the tough times, Paris and Leo find themselves in a Vegas diner talking to a guy named Max.  Suddenly Paris disappears and leaves a cryptic note.  Leo and Max are left to follow the clues and find out what happened to Paris.

By: Jessi Kirby
When Quinn's boyfriend dies and his organs are donated, she feels an undeniable need to find out who got Trent's heart.  When the person doesn't make himself available for contact, Quinn goes rogue and finds him herself.  Now she's forming a relationship with someone who has no idea her connection to him or his life-saving heart.

By: Meredith Zeitlin
Zona learns that she's going to be spending half her Sophomore year in Greece, getting to know her mother's side of the family.  The problem is, Zona never knew her mother, and her mother's family never wanted contact with her before.... plus she has an entire life in New York that she's not keen on leaving behind.

(Prisoner of Night and Fog #2)
By: Anne Blankman
When Gretchen learns that her reporter boyfriend Daniel is going to Germany, her world spins.  When she finds out that he's wanted for murder, she knows she has to risk blowing her cover and return and face the danger she thought she escaped.

By: Susane Colasanti
3 girls living together in NYC the summer before freshman year of college starts.  There's no parents, no rules, and a whole city full of adventures and boys.

By: Claire LaZebnik
An Emma retelling featuring the stepdaughter of a TV star who has it all, but can't help from wanting to help her friends and family get it all too.

(The Program #0.5)
By: Suzanne Young
Set in a world before The Program, this full length novel follows Quinn, who is a closer (somebody who helps people move on from a death by "becoming" the dead loved one for them).  When she goes to her new assignment, she gets closer than she's supposed to to the dead girl's boyfriend... and then she starts getting suspicious about how the death happened.

(Project Paper Dolls #3)
By: Stacey Kade
The conclusion of the Project Paper Dolls trilogy finds Ariane trying to take down everyone involved in Project Paper Doll.

By: Neal Shusterman
A book about mental illness that follows Caden, a boy who's odd behaviors are starting to get noticed at school... and a boy Caden who is on a ship headed for the deepest point on Earth.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

April has been crazy good so far!!  This week I want 99 Days, City Love, Things We Know By Heart, and Every Last Promise.  The Program series also is sounding good.  I might have to start that soon!  What did you/will you get from this list?

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  1. So many good books come out this week. I've read a few of them: 99 Days, Finding Paris, Every Last Promise, and Fearless. The rest I'm still dying to read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow you've read a lot of them... I'm going to have to go check out what you thought!