Friday, February 26, 2016

Share the Love (4)

Inspired by THIS post at, I decided I'm going to start sharing things in the book blogging community.  Maybe it'll be some awesome post or new feature a blogger has put together, maybe it'll be a blog that I want to share with you all.  All I know is I want this community to be a better, nicer, happier, more helpful place, and I'm going to do my part to spread the LOVE.

1.  Are You Feeling Lucky Book Exchange by Ticket To Anywhere

  • Gail at Ticket To Anywhere is hosting a fun sounding book exchange for St. Patrick's Day.  She's having people sign up to participate in a book exchange where you send the person you get paired up with a book you LOVE.  Then she's asking that even if the book isn't something you'd necessarily pick up for yourself, you give it a try!  You might find something really cool that you never would have read.  It doesn't have to be a brand new book.  Could be an ARC or a gently used copy, as long as it's a book you've read and loved.  There are other details HERE.  Sign-ups go until March 1st.  I can't wait to send someone one of my all-time favorite books!!!  The whole reason I started blogging was to share the books I love with people... so this sounds completely perfect for me :)

2.  Rae Gun Ramblings

  • One of my favorite blogs for years and years has been Rae Gun Ramblings.  What I particularly love about it is that it is about SO many things.  She talks about books (although not as much as she used to), and sewing, and crafts, and parties, and recipes, and more.  I love book blogs, but sometimes it's nice to read about other things.  And she's Harry Potter obsessed, so I get really happy when she has tutorials and other things related to the HP fandom.  All her pictures are very pretty and professional looking, and I love seeing the things she creates (because I know I could never do half of what she does).  She also runs an Etsy shop where she sells some of the stuff she creates.

3.  2016 TBR Pile Book Club

  • As part of the 2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge, Bookish Lifestyle is hosting a "Book Club" where people vote on monthly backlisted books and anyone who wants to can read it together and discuss.  It's a good way to get motivated to read those books you have lying around waiting to be read.  They're also giving away extra entries for the challenge giveaways to anyone who participates.  I'm not doing the TBR Challenge, but I think it sounds really super fun to have a book club to go along with a challenge.  I'm always thankful for extra motivation :)

4.  Mary in the Library

  • I recently saw something on Mary Had a Little Book Blog that I found super interesting.  Mary (aka Knoxdiver) started sharing info about her job as a Senior Library Assistant, in a feature called Mary in the Library.  She explains what all her job entails and I personally love when people share about their bookish jobs!!  Most recently she shared how her library hosted Marissa Meyer for her Stars Above Tour!!  I really enjoyed reading about how she came up with ideas for making their stop on the tour unique, promoted it, dealt with the crowds, and put together some swag.  Very cool!!

5.  Writing My Own Fairy Tale Hosts ARC Grab Bag Giveaways

  • Lori at Writing My Own Fairy Tale has been hosting really nice giveaways called Friday Grab Bag.  Basically she's clearing her shelves by giving away your choice of THESE ARCs.  I personally won this giveaway a few months ago and I picked We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach (a book that I didn't love, but enjoyed reading).  I just thought I would share with you guys a really fun giveaway.  Plus you never know, there might be an ARC on the list that you've been looking for.  I know I like having ARCs of books that I loved.  HERE'S the newest Giveaway... go check it out!!

I hope I've exposed you guys to something new this week!!  I love sharing my favorite finds and I hope other people will do the same.  I think it's really important to support each other and share, share, share.  It's the only way people are going to find out about the things we're all doing.  

Hope everyone has had a lovely February!!  I'm SO beyond ready for spring!

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  1. I am doing the TBR Reading Pile Challenge and it's been really fun so far! I read Pivot Point as their first book club book as well and it's a new favorite of mine! This month's book is The Darkest Minds which I'm starting today!

    1. I think that is the coolest idea to add to a challenge!! The Darkest Minds is also one I've been wanting to read for a long time.

  2. The are you feeling lucky challenge sounds fun! And I like the bookclub challenge idea.
    I also like blogs that share other things than books, although I also love blogs that only blog about books. I also follow some other types of blogs as it's nice to read about other topics now and then as well. I'll have to check out Rea her blog.
    I also love it when people share about their jobs, especiall the bookish ones. I recently read posts about someone who worked in a lbirary, although it wasn't Mary her blog.

  3. I love that you're spreading the word about things you love - I always try to do this in my Sunday Posts. All of the things you linked up sound fantastic, so I'm off to go check them out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Ha! I entered the ARC grab bag giveaway last night and actually won it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    2. OMG that's SO cool!!! I'm so glad you won :)