Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday- Books That Will Make You Laugh

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (April 19th) I'm one of them :)

Today's Topic

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh

1.  Winger by Andrew Smith
  • This book had me laughing my ass off... especially the poker "consequences".  It's also sad... so it covers a cluster of emotions, but it really goes hard on the funny.

2.  Stand-Off (Winger #2) by Andrew Smith
  • I LOLed even more during this book than the first one.  I mean, there really is nothing funnier than Ryan Dean's reactions to The Abernathy.

3.  The Haters by Jesse Andrews
  • Not AS funny as Me and Earl, but still definitely humorous.

4.  Kissing Ted Callahan and Other Guys by Amy Spalding
  • Gosh, this book just had me smiling from ear to ear the  whole time I was reading it.  Riley is a seriously adorable and funny girl.  I LOLed in public, which is rare for me :)

5.  Sleeping Freshman Never Lie by David Lubar
  • This book made me realize that I can read about 15 year-old boys and NOT be overly annoyed at them.  I found Scott super funny in a super smart way.

6.  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews
  • LOLOLOL--- that pretty much sums up this book.  By far the funniest book I've read in a long, long time.

7.  Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling #1) by Megan McCafferty
  • Oh Jessica Darling, you and your snarky high school commentary-- it's like reading a letter from your best friend.

8.  52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody
  • Fish out of water story that was super cute.

9.  Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters by Meredith Zeitlin
  • I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair-- thank you for that Kelsey Finkelstein :)

10.  Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella
  • I don't read a ton of Adult, but this one I had to include.  This was my fave Sophie Kinsella book... and it's the one that made me LOL the hardest.

What are the funniest books you've read??

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  1. Great list!! I added Sloppy Firsts to my wishlist -- it sounds like my kind of book!

    My TTT.

  2. Oh yes, the whole Jessica Darling series!


  3. How have I not read any of these besides Me and Earl and the Dying Girl???? I so have to check some of these out. I love funny books!! Great list!

  4. Michelle, yessss to the Jessica Darling series!!! That's also my list today. I think Me and Earl is also my list and man I always forget we have similar taste. *air high fives you* XD

  5. Great list!! I could only think of 3 books that I have read that were truly humorous and two of them are Sophie Kinsella's. I haven't read Can You Keep A Secret, but I will definitely check that one out. Thanks for sharing!!

    My TTT: http://jacquesbooknook.blogspot.com/2016/04/top-ten-tuesday-books-that-will-make.html

  6. Almost every time I read your blog I'm reminded that I have to pick up Winger at some point ^.^

  7. I saw 52 Reasons on Goodreads because of you the other day and immediately added it to my TBR! Sounds like it's right up my alley. I also own a copy of Winger and really need to read it soon.

  8. I loved Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Sad to hear Haters isn't as funny, but I think I'll pick it up anyway. Nice list!

  9. I've actually only read two of these: Can You Keep a Secret? and Sloppy Firsts. And I totally agree... both are HILARIOUS!!! I definitely need to check out some of these others. I'm always looking for a new book to make me chuckle! :)

  10. I do love Sophie Kinsella. She's a brilliant writer :-)

  11. I haven't read any of these, but I definitely want to check some of them out! Thanks for sharing :D

    Here are my Top Ten!

  12. I really want to read Winger, I've heard such good things about it. Great list this week!

  13. I have Stand-Off on my list this week, too! The Abernathy is priceless! :D

    Check out my TTT.

    1. I LOVE The Abernathy!! I laughed so hard every time the 2 of them interacted!!

  14. I love books that can make me laugh! I've heard of a few of these but haven't read a single one :O Adding some to my TBR right now!

  15. Oh I'm so glad to see The Haters on here. I just won that one in a Goodreads giveaway so I'll be starting it soon. Great list!

  16. I can't wait to finally read Winger. I ordered it and it was lost in the mail. Boo!

  17. I can't wait to finally read Winger. I ordered it and it was lost in the mail. Boo!

  18. I haven’t read any of these books, but I have several on my tbr-list. I added Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father. Thanks for you recs, Michelle!