Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite 2016 Releases So Far

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (June 21st) I'm one of them :)

Today's Topic

Top Ten Favorite 2016 Releases So Far

  • AHHH there are SO many 2016 books that I want to read SO badly.  So far I've only made the smallest dent in that pile.  I have a feeling I'll be reading 2016 books for YEARS to come, but this is the best of what I've read so far (in order):

1.  With Malice by Eileen Cook
  • This one is going to be hard to beat.  I had a blast reading this page-turning mystery (and I've been looking for a great YA Mystery for a looooong time).  I definitely say give this a shot if you haven't yet.  Plus, BONUS: Great Beach Book!!

2.  After the Woods by Kim Savage
  • This book was about friendship and dysfunction.  It was creepy and smart.  I LOVED it.

3.  The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith
  • I kind of love books that hurt my heart.  This one is definitely a heart-hurter.  It was hard to read because of the tough subjects, but those ones are the ones that end up feeling the most meaningful to me.

4.  The Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks
  • This book PERFECTLY mixed the funny and serious.  It featured 5 teens in a pretty dire situation, but it still managed to be cute, silly, and funny while also staying true to the life-threatening position they were in.

5.  The Haters by Jesse Andrews
  • I loved Jesse Andrews follow-up to Me, and Earl, and the Dying Girl.  It's funny, there's a ROADTRIP, and music and crazy word-vomit.... and some actual vomit as well.

6.  The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas
  • This book had me at the setting (Western PA) and the serial killer aspect.

7.  Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
  • I love that this book was so BRAVE.  I'll never NOT want to read about a girl owning her sexuality.

8.  Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher
  • I loved that this book lived up to my giant Ketchup Clouds expectations.  It's a little young feeling, but the emotions are there.

9.  You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour & David Levithan
  • Such a fun week-long adventure story.

10.  The Leaving by Tara Altebrando
  • I didn't LOVE everything about this book, but I COULD. NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN.


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  1. The Lifeboat Clique sounds perfect and is definitely getting added to my TBR. I completely feel the same way, somehow with all the books I've been reading my TBR list has just gotten longer.

  2. AFTER THE WOODS was absolutely brilliant - the only thing I did not include on my list this week is the fact that I read it already in 2015 as an ARC. I have had THE WAY I USED TO BE on my iPad for a while now, but I've heard that it is a quite difficult book to read, so I have been saving it for a time when I am in the mood for something else than contemporary romance :)

  3. I really need to read The Darkest Corners. I got it at ALA and was super excited for it but you know how that goes.

  4. I just won a copy of Silence Is Goldfish. I'm happy to see it made your list. I'm hoping to get to it soon.

  5. I loved With Malice and The Darkest Corners! I need to read a few of these like After the Woods and The Way I Used to Be. Great list!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  6. I haven't read any of these. I haven't read any 2016 release at all.I bought some but they are still in my bookshelves.

    My TTT.

  7. I have been dying to read After The Woods! And I am totally checking out The Leaving now!

    My TTT.

  8. I am so happy to see With Malice and The Darkest Corners on here. I own both & will be reading them soon, so I'm glad they're listed! I definitely agree with you here about After the Woods! There's a few on here I would like to read also, like The Leaving & The Way I Used To Be.

  9. I've only read With Malice ad really enjoyed it. So many of these are on my TBR though. After the Woods, You Know Me Well and The Way I Used to Be are the top three. Great list!

  10. With Malice has me really curious, I've seen good reviews and the whole memory loss/ did she do it thing is interesting. And after the Woods- another one I want to read. I was also thinking about The Lifeboat Clique earlier this year I liked the whole disaster thing, but haven't decided whether to read it. Good to know that it's a good read!!

  11. I have With Malice sitting right on my nightstand. I've heard things, so can't wait to try it!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  12. Great list! I can't wait to read With Malice and you already know I loved You Know Me Well!

    my TTT

  13. I haven't read any of these but The Darkest Corners and After The Woods are both on my TBR.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/top-ten-tuesday-62/

  14. I can't wait to read After the Woods. I sounds so good and has had rave reviews. My TTT

  15. I can't wait to read With Malice, I nabbed that one after your raving review.

  16. with malice, lifeboat clique, and the leaving.... all really good. I think we have very similiar tasts.I wasn't even going to pick up with malice until you told me how good it was. I did love it.

  17. OOOH I am excited about your list because I liked a lot of the books I have read on your list, and I am REALLY looking forward to reading some of the others! With Malice is one I NEED to read ASAP. I really liked After the Woods and The Darkest Corners! And Firsts was really good- totally loved all the messages! Same with The Way I Used to Be! The Leaving, I felt mostly the same about- there were some flaws BUT it was definitely good! Fabulous list, glad you've read so many great books so far this year!

  18. I haven't read any of these but obviously I need to

  19. Bah! I haven't read any of these yet, except for The Leaving, and I wasn't wild about that one. :(