Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So Obsessed... (18)

It's OBSESSIONS time!!  Here are my most recent obsessions:

Fall TV

So this week is when Fall TV starts!!  To be honest-- I don't watch a lot of TV on actual networks.  Basically I watch Project Runway, Dance Moms, Real Housewives (sometimes), Football/shows where people talk about football, and the ID network.  Everything else I watch via Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Why??  It's so much easier for me to wait for a show like American Horror Story to come out as a full season on Netflix than it is to wait and watch 1 episode per week for an entire TV season.  Also, I have SUPER bad luck with shows getting cancelled as soon as I start watching them.

Having said all that, I'd really like to try a few shows out (or at least keep an ear out to see if they're something I'd like to watch in my Netflix future)

  • Premiere Date: October 5, 9 pm on the CW
  • It's a remake of one of my fave ever movies!!!  It's a woman this time that can talk to her dad through the ham radio.  I love everything about solving crimes through time.
  • Premiere Date: September 22, 9 pm on Fox
  • A girl MLB pitcher??  Love the idea of it.  This has me a tad worried about making it long-term, but it's SO cool!
  • Premiere Date: October 3, 10 pm on NBC
  • A criminal steals a time machine and a team must chase him through time to save America.  It's very Terminator and I haven't watched a time travel show in forevs!! (Like maybe since Quantum Leap??)
The Exorcist
  • Premiere Date: September 23, 9 pm on Fox
  • I should probably just give up on this one since they are airing it on FRIDAYS???  That's the kiss of death for TV shows.

Are you watching any NEW shows this fall?

Stranger Things & Now in Desperate NEED

So like most people, I watched Stranger Things this summer.  But now I'm in an EPIC Netflix slump!! Nothing is going to be as good as this was and is anything going to be as addicting???

Why I loved it (and why you should watch it if you haven't):

  • It's so true to the 80's.  Did you ever watch a show that's supposedly set in the 80's or 90's and it's SO stereotypical fake??  Like all the actors are just playing dress up instead of actually being true to the time period?  Well this isn't that.  This actually felt like I was watching a movie made in the 80's.... like Poltergeist or E.T.
  • At first I was like where is this going??  I thought it was going to be one of those big build-ups that wouldn't live up, but I was wrong.  I liked where the story went and how things played out.  It was just the right amount of creepy and sci-fi.
  • I know everyone is all !!!! over Eleven, and I thought she was fab, but I liked all the kids.  I thought they equally drove the series.
  • I need season 2 like NOW!!!

Now I need something to watch!!!  I watched the new episodes of Baby Daddy (and LOVED each one), I'm awaiting Scream season 2 on September 30, but what else can I watch???

(Here's what I've already done- Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Greek, Baby Daddy, OITNB, Fuller House, AHS, Damages, Rectify, Switched at Birth, Degrassi, Pretty Little Liars, Gotham, Friends, Secret Life of the American Teenager (oh God), House of Cards, Kimmy Schmidt, Bates Motel, Dexter, SOA, Californication, Blue Mountain State, Freaks and Geeks, Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Marcella, Scream, Stranger Things)


So I've book Bookstagramming a lot lately.  I go through phases where I'm all about it, and then I get BLAH about it, but right now I'm in a groove.  I feel like I've found a good rhythm and sense of what I like and how I like to picture on there.

The thing about it is, I have to keep it fun or I'll go to the bad place:

1.  I can't take it too serious.  If I start getting all nit-picky and perfectionist about it, I'll drive myself insane.  I took a photography class in college and I really went to a bad place because of how HARD I was on myself.  I'm a Self-Loather.  Always have been.  I generally hate everything I do creatively, but if it's something I'm taking seriously, I take that hate to a whole new stress level.

If I start taking Bookstagram pics too seriously I'll wake up one day with a Canon Digital Rebel, 999 versions of editing software downloaded on my phone and laptop, and my entire day will just be me stressing out over how bad I hate my pictures and how embarrassed I am for anyone to see them.  This sounds dumb to say out loud, but this is legit how I am.  Taking Bookstagram lightly is key, so....

2.  I only allow myself to use Instagram to edit my pics.  If I fall down the rabbit hole and start using all sorts of other programs, I'll be in trouble.

3.  I don't believe in themes.  Yes, I'm sure themes look nice when you open up your or someone else's main Instagram page, but I just want to do whatever strikes me at that moment.  I don't want to feel like it has to be a certain filter or background or whatev.  I just want to go with it.

4.  I gotta keep it simple.  I like the cleaner look, I think that's more my style, but beyond that-- it's too time consuming to drag out 999 props.  I also have a touch of OCD from back when I was a kid where I don't like to move stuff.  It's a weird thing, but if I start moving things around that haven't been moved in a while I get anxiety and I really don't think Bookstagram is a good enough reason to trigger it.

5.  I just like taking pictures.  I'm not a photographer and I don't want to be one.  I don't think my pictures are anything great (self-loather coming at ya), so I am seriously just doing it for fun.

I also talked about recycling Bookstagram pics because we take them and they end up just getting buried in our feeds.  It seems like there should be other things we can use those lovely pictures for besides blog graphics.  I personally started doing THIS with them, and I'm looking for more ideas.  Do you have any??

PS- My instagram name is MichelleSulk-- follow me and I'll be sure to check your account out also :)

How is your Instagramming/Bookstagramming going?


Asking For It by Louise O'Neill
  • I read this book earlier this month (and still need to review it), but I can't get it out of my mind.  It's so honest and HARD and I really think EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to read it.  I love books that make you feel uncomfortable and the way Ms. O'Neill made an unlikable character into the victim made me feel like I swallowed a cinder block.  It hurt my head how much this book made me think about societal views on sexual assault and the role social media plays in it now.

Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis
  • Holy SHIZZ I like this book!!  I just started it yesterday, but hell-to-the-yes this is a ME book.  I don't know about Alex yet, but Peekay and Jack are major YES characters.  I'm feeling the alternate POV chapters and the way the characters communicate with each other.  So far I'm INTO it.  Thanks Cassi for letting me borrow it!!

Have you read/plan to read either of these books?

Long-sleeved Dresses

  • One of my favorite things about fall (besides PLAID) is long-sleeved dresses.  I love wearing dresses because they're cute and it's an easy outfit to put together.  So now that the weather is about to turn, I'm on the hunt for some cute long-sleevers :)

Henley Long Sleeve DressFloral DressBlue Jean DressTribal Print DressVampire Dress

What do you like most about fall fashion?

Let's talk!!  What fall TV are you watching?  What fall books are you excited for?  Do you have certain fashion items you love for fall?  Tell me about your Bookstagram stuff!!


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  1. I really need to check out Stranger Things! Everyone has been talking about it! I REALLY want to watch Timeless it looks so good plus it's from the creator of Supernatural which is one of my faves. I just started watching Galavant on Netflix and its hilarious and awesome. As for fall fashion I am all about the scarves, boots and pea coats!! I love boots. :)

    1. You really do!! Stranger Things is so good! I haven't heard of Galavant, so thanks :) And yes to pea coats!

  2. I ♥ long sleeve dresses so much! And I don't watch "new" TV anymore either so I had never heard of any of those but Frequency and Pitch sound great! I've seen such AMAZING reviews and recs for Asking For It; need to read it soon!!

    1. Asking For It was one of the most powerful books I've read in a LONG time. I hope you get time to try it! Also, long-sleeved dresses might be my favorite article of clothing ever!

  3. OMG Frequency and Timeless both sound so good!
    I love those long sleeved dresses! I have one that I just wore two days ago and I absolutely love it.
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

    1. I'm really in the mood for long-sleeved dresses but the weather here isn't cooperating (it's like 85 degrees here), but I'm sure it will soon enough.

  4. Timeless and Frequency are on my list too! I was planning on talking fall TV sometime soon on the blog because I don't get into it that much. I'm bad at keeping up with shows as they air, so we'll see. Like you too, I don't want to get all excited and love it just to have the show get cancelled. Happens WAY too often!

    1. That happens to me SO much!! Like every time I'm loving a new show, it gets cancelled before the season is even over :( I'm super bad luck I think.

  5. First I'm totally on board for Pitch. I love me a good sports show. Second you NEED a chambray dress. It will look so cute on you!

    1. I do really need that dress!! I can't believe I don't have one yet :)

  6. I LOVE plaid. I also really want to read both of those books - glad you loved them. I'm on Instagram but it's not ALL bookstagram. I can't worry too much about it either. People will always be doing way cooler things than me. haha Ah well, it's fun and it's a good way to look back at what I've been doing/reading, etc.

    As for Fall TV, I'm bad at keeping up with shows because of going to bed early or missing a night and then getting behind. Sigh. I am curious about some new ones though like Bull. I WILL watch The Flash when the new season comes on though.


    1. I know a lot of people who love The Flash!! I've wanted to try it, but there are so many superhero shows and movies, I can't keep up!!

  7. PROJECT RUNWAY!! Yay!! I am looking forward to This Is Us and Speechless. I loved Stranger Things. It was done so well! I have so fallen off Bookstagram. I just don't have the time right now and that was the first thing to go. Hopefully I'll get back to it.

    1. Yeah Bookstagram is definitely not something I'll ever be able to do all the time. It's time consuming and mess making and a lot of work just for a pretty picture. I do like it though.... in moderation!

  8. I loved Stranger Things, one of the only shows I watched all summer. I just don't watch much tv anymore. With kids and all that, I prefer quiet time at night. I need to at least check out Bookstagram, but I already know I won't do it. I do not need anymore social media to suck away my time.

    1. Yeah social media is a time-suck for sure!! Bookstagram is definitely something I have to do in moderation or it could get out of hand. I hear you about the quiet. When my son was 1-4 years old and went to bed I would just sit in silence and be in heaven!!

  9. First, you need to watch The 100, please and thank you. And you're welcome, in advance ;) I, in turn, will try to give Stranger Things another try. I also want to watch Timeless, it sounds good!

    Bookstagram... well I have a post about Bookstagram coming up. It is such a time suck, and I feel like my house isn't good enough for it in general 😂

    Asking For It... YEP, everything you said. Louise O'Neill is a genius basically. Have you read Only Ever Yours? I also need to read Female of the Species ASAP because I LOVE Mindy's books in general.

    Also, I am confused by this fall's fashion because it looks like 1995 called and wants its style back for the most part, and tbh, I didn't like wearing it IN actual 1995 so... yeah ;) I DO like the long sleeve dress in general though! Love this post, so many good things in here :D

  10. Friday Night Lights? If I missed it on your list, I'm sorry. But if you haven't watched it, you must! It's so good!

    I'm also a bit obsessed with Bookstagram. It's so fun! It has gotten me back into the book community and blogging. :) I can't take it too seriously either. I'm the same way with getting carried away. I actually went to Hobby Lobby just yesterday to get a few Fall props and I have vowed I won't buy anything else for awhile. But I do want a bookish candle...sigh. ;)

    I really need to get my hands on Female of the Species. Since we're book twins I'm sure I'll like it too. It does sound like a ME book. :)

    Those dresses are cute!

  11. I started watching Stranger Things with my son. We watched three episodes and then I got tired and went to sleep and HE FINISHED WATCHING WITHOUT ME. That was so rude that I haven't gone back to it yet. But I love 80s themed shows (have you watched Freaks and Geeks?) and I do want to finish.
    Bookstagramming. There are not enough hours in the day to compete with some people. So I don't. I followed you, but I don't really post that often..
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  12. I'm so excited for The Exorcist show! Do you know if it's going to be a mini series like Rosemary's Baby was or longer?

  13. I was going to say Marcella but I see that on your list. Just finished that up. And Timeless looks good. I liked Stranger things and Scream is another I want to try. Have you watched Bloodline? It's on Netflix, can be a little slow moving but I think it's good.

    Bookstagram looks fun, book pics! But I just joined and I'm still figuring it out!

  14. I prefer watching TV on Netflix also. I like that you can pause it and don't have to watch commercials :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com