Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday- New To The TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (November 8th) I'm one of them :)

Today's Topic

Top Ten Books I've Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately

  • Most of these happen to be 2017 releases because I just went on a giant "what are the books of 2017?" search.

1.  One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus-  I know a lot of books try to say they're like The Breakfast Club, but this one sounds like it actually is.... with murder.

2.  Little Monsters by Kara Thomas-  I really liked The Darkest Corners, so I'm interested in what else Kara Thomas will do.

3.  Once and for All by Sarah Dessen-  NEW SARAH DESSEN YESSSSS! (oh yeah, now I should probably get caught up on her last 2 books!!)

4.  This is How it Happened by Paula Stokes-  I haven't read ANYTHING by Paula Stokes yet, but all her books sound so good!  And I kind of love the "I can't remember" trope.

5.  In Case You Missed It by Sarah Darer Littman-  Here's one that comes out this week.  I love reading about problems that arise from "digital footprints".  I think it's super interesting to read about teens dealing with problems that I never had to deal with.

6.  The Possible by Tara Altebrando-  I was 50/50 on The Leaving, but I liked it enough to want to read more.  I think this author has good ideas, and I'm interested to see where else she'll go.  I think this one has to do with a cult (which I LOVE reading about) and MAYBE supernatural abilities (which I also love trying to figure out).

7.  It Wasn't Always Like This by Joy Preble-  This is another supernatural Cult book!!

8.  I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski-  Ummmm, one of my fave authors of ever is writing a YA next year??  Sign me up!!  Plus, TRAVEL!!

9.  The Summer that Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel-  I saw a review of this on someone's blog and I was totally intrigued.  It's about the devil and is set in the 80's... and I don't know how I had never heard of it!

10.  Die for You by Amy Fellner Dominy-  This is another book that comes out this week.  I think it's one of those relationship gone bad books, and I'm always down to read about the dark side of love.

What books have you discovered recently??

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  1. I have seen Little Monsters and This Is How It Happened around a lot today and I need to add them to my TBR now!! Great list!!

  2. I have This Is How it Happened on my TBR too! I was also a bit meh on The Leaving, but I will definitely be checking out Altenbrando's new book! Great list! :-D

  3. I See London, I see France looks interesting! It seems like I am always adding books to my ever growing reading wishlist after reading TTT threads like this week's TTT post.

    Here's my TTT post for the week:

    Happy reading!

  4. I'm intrigued about This Is How It Happened! I hope you enjoy these books when you get around to reading them. :-)

  5. I think the I See London, I See France cover looks so cute. I haven't heard of these before. I have a book by Paula Stokes, but I haven't read it yet.

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  6. I See London, I See France sound like a fun book to read. Never heard of it before. Love your list!

  7. I must read Little Monsters - I'm sad it doesn't come out until next summer. I absolutely loved The Darkest Corners.

  8. The Summer That Melted Everything, is also on my TBR list! I've heard really good things about it, excited to read it!! :)

  9. I looked up several of these because I'd never heard of them before--awesome list this week! Looks like you have a huge mixed bag of topics and subjects here, which is great to see.

    Happy book-ing to you in the near future! Hopefully you enjoy all your recent bookish acquisitions (by which I mean, the books in your leaning tower of read-za!) Here's my Top Ten Tuesday, if you're interested; no worries if you're not though! Happy Tuesday. <3

  10. I'm like way behind on what's coming in 2017, I mean I know of a few but haven't really been looking, so this weeks topic has helped a lot. lol I like that so many Paula Stokes books are coming out, I just read her Vicarious. And Die For You looks good. Yes to Mlynowski.

  11. I haven't read The Darkest Corner yet, but it did make my list! Once And For All, also made my list. I LOVE Sarah Dessen and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Great Top Ten! :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

  12. I hadn't heard of IT WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS before but now THAT'S added on my Goodreads. I'm super excited for Sarah Dessen's new book because I feel like it's a little bit different for her and it sounds super duper fun. Otherwise pretty much all of these have already been marked to-read on my Goodreads. (:

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  13. I'm really excited about Sarah Dessen's new book...because Sarah Dessen! This is How it Happened and Die for You sound so good!

  14. I love the cover of I see London, I see France :) I really like covers with doodles and sketches on them! And Once and for all! You can't go wrong with Sarah Dessen! :) Thank you for visiting my blog :)


  15. Once and For All sounds SO GOOD!! I have so many of her older books to catch up on too. :) Great list!

  16. Hi! OMG, how did I not know there was new Sarah Dessen? I feel like I've failed in life. :) Thanks for your list!

  17. The Summer That Melted Everything was impressive - I hope you enjoy it. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  18. I'd really like to read The Possible. I'm not familiar with the others, but they look great!

  19. I love Paula Stokes books, hope this one is good too. Thanks for sharing since may of these are new to me :)

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist