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Welcome to the FFBC: UNBREAKABLE by Sara Ella Interview & Giveaway


(Unblemished #3)
by Sara Ella
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
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Eliyana Ember is stranded in a foreign country in the Third Reflection with no passport, the inability to mirrorwalk, and zero clue where the nearest Thresholds back into the Fourth or Second might lie. Her mind is a haze, her memories vague. She knows a wormhole from the Fourth sent her here. She remembers her mom and baby brother Evan. Makai and Stormy and Joshua . . .

Deep down El realizes she must end the Void once and for all. Is there a way to trap the darkness within its current vessel, kill it off completely? To do so would mean sacrificing another soul—the soul of a man Joshua claims is a traitor. But he’s lied to her before, and even El senses Joshua can’t be fully trusted, but one thing is certain . . .

The Void must be annihilated. And only the Verity—the light which birthed the darkness—can put an end to that which seeks to kill and destroy.

Other Books in the Series

Sara! We are so excited to have you back!!

THANK YOU! I am excited to return.

What 3 recent books would you recommend to our YA fans?

I was in a major reading slump for two years. If you had asked me this a month ago I would have stared blankly at the screen, trying to remember the last thing I read way back then. But I can proudly say I have read 3 wonderful books recently! I highly recommend By Your Side by Kasie West (for contemporary fans), The Story Peddler by Lindsay A. Franklin (for fantasy fans), and Reclaiming Shilo Snow by Mary Weber (for sci-fi fans). And I have to squeeze one more in here . . . Fawkes by Nadine Brandes comes out this summer (for historical fantasy fans). You won’t want to miss it!

What books/authors have most made an impact on you/inspired you to write?

Since the beginning, it has always been fellow author moms, Kiera Cass (The Selection series, The Siren) and Shannon Dittemore (the Angel Eyes trilogy). Their stories inspired me and helped be believe I could be both mom and author. I also have to give a huge shout out to Nadine Brandes (the Out of Time trilogy and Fawkes) and Mary Weber (the Storm Siren trilogy and The Evaporation of Sofi Snow). These ladies have come alongside me and have both inspired me and encouraged me in more ways than I can name. Without their constant support and listening ears, I would not be where I am today.

Could you tell our readers a little bit about the UNBLEMISHED series?

The Unblemished trilogy follows Eliyana Ember, a feisty but often insecure teen who has lived her entire life believing the hideous mark covering her face is a curse. Throughout the series, she discovers the strengths behind her flaws, as well as the meaning of true love and friendship. From battles between light and darkness to discovering things are not always what they seem, El comes to understand that her weaknesses, however great, don’t define her.

What can we expect from UNBREAKABLE?

Where to begin? Readers can expect to visit new Reflections and old. I’ve added a new point of view I think everyone will love and there’s even a bit of a side romance with some different characters. I’m hoping the ending will be a tear-jerker (in a good way) and that fans of the series will be satisfied with where all the characters end up.

Tell us your favorite quote from UNBREAKABLE.

won’t say who said it (because SPOILERS) but my favorite quote from book 3 is: "As long as you let the darkness define you, true freedom you will never know."

What 3 hashtags would you most associate with the series? (Could be a word or phrase or anything that would instantly make you think of the UNBLEMISHED series.)

Mine are pretty predictablethese are what I have seen used the most: #unblemished #unblemishedtrilogy #truebeauty

We know you’re a Disney fan. Which Disney character would you most compare yourself and/or Eliyana to?

Oh, wow! What a fabulous question! There are so many different references to some of my favorite movies and princesses in the books. I would say El (and I) most closely relate to: Belle (because she learns to see the beauty beneath the exterior), Rapunzel (because she is strong but unsure of herself), and Elsa (because she tries to hide from the world and pushes away those she loves).

If you could have one magical talent, what would it be?

If we’re talking Callings (like in the series) I’d love to be a Mirror like El because of all the reasons. And if we’re talking like magical, Disney-type powers I’d say hair that heals and glows like Rapunzel’s would be pretty awesome!

If you had to pick one song to be the Theme Song for UNBREAKABLE– Which one would you pick?

This is the easiest answer yet! It would be Unbreakable by Jamie Scott. That song was such an inspiration to me as I wrote book 3, so I was stoked when my publishing team approved it as the title.

What’s next for you?

Hee, hee . . . I am so dying to share this! But I can’t say quite yet. Follow me on social media for the big announcement (and a super amazing giveaway) in May following the release ofUnbreakable. What I can say is this: my current project is a contemporary stand-alone and will release sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for more news very, very soon!

Once upon a time, SARA ELLA dreamed she would marry a prince (just call her Mrs. Charming) and live in a castle (aka The Plaza Hotel). Though her fairy tale didn’t quite turn out as planned, she did work for Disney—that was an enchanted moment of its own. Now she spends her days throwing living room dance parties for her two princesses and conquering realms of her own imaginings. She believes “Happily Ever After is Never Far Away” for those who put their faith in the King of kings.


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  2. Already added to my TBR list! Sounds interesting and cant wait to read it!