Sunday, March 4, 2012

YA Books Coming Out This Week- 3/5

Another week of happy reading :)

These are some books out this week that I find interesting:

Where It Began- By: Ann Redisch Stampler
I like books that begin with an end event and then make you work your way back to there.  I also like the mystery aspect of this one (although I am known for skimming later chapters so I can find out what happens).

Pieces of Us- By: Margie Gelbwasser
Sounds complicated, but I like that sort of thing.  It looks to be dark and edgy, so it's pretty much a must-read for me!

Ok this one came out last week, and I somehow overlooked it, but it looks hilarious!  Watch this Video and you'll understand why!

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  1. Pieces of Us has such a pretty cover! These all sound so great.