Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shooter By Walter Dean Myers

Shooter is about the aftermath of a school shooting (obviously) and the cool thing about it is it's written in an unconventional style....and I LOVE unconventional writing styles!!!  It's presented as police reports and interviews with the shooter's 2 friends in the days and weeks following the shooting, and also the diary of the shooter himself.

I thought the idea of this book was awesome. When I first opened this book and saw that it was police and psychologist interviews and reports I got so excited! But then it was SO short!! I'm all for short YA books (because that means you can read more of them!), but the problem with this one is that book didn't feel done. I wanted more! I never really got to understand Len and his friends. Cameron was the most developed character and I still didn't feel like I knew how he felt about anything. Also the diary could have been amazing and it just was blah.
I've read several books about Columbine and I sort of felt like this was too copy-cat. The shooting practice in the woods, building bombs, the library being the main shooting area, and was it just me or was Cameron a little bit too much Brooks Brown?? You can do a school shooting and come up with your own version of events you know?
In the end it was just ok for me.... It needed to go WAY deeper!  Like at least 100 more pages deeper.  But I've heard good things about WDM's other book Monster... anyone know if it's better than this one?


How I got this book:  Library
Date Published: 5/4/2004

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