Thursday, May 10, 2012

Streamline By Jennifer Lane

Leo Scott is a student athlete under a lot of pressure. Most of that pressure comes from his over-bearing abusive father, and he's pretty much on his own in dealing with that. His mother is disabled and incapable of protecting him, his brother moved away, and his girlfriend has her own problems to deal with (namely her father being in jail for murder!). After a particularly brutal beating lands Leo in the hospital, it pretty much blows things wide open and sends this family and everyone in their circle on a different path. A path to finding out about love, family, and the truth.
This book was about A LOT of issues... abuse, pregnancy, infidelity, murder, addiction, the military... it's got it all. I enjoyed the book and the murder mystery. I appreciated the way the author the author showed the human side to abusive people. At one point I actually felt bad for the abuser. 
I could really tell this author was involved in the swimming world.... and it was pretty cool to read about all the things that go into it.  You really get all the insider information about being a competitive swimmer, and it was refreshing!
I wasn't wild about the girlfriend, Audrey, I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just that she was too naive about life for me. I truly enjoyed that the reader was able to follow Leo beyond high school and really see where his life was going... it went beyond just one chapter in a life unlike most books.  And I LOVED the ending and how everything was wrapped up, sometimes it's nice to have a clear ending!

PS- OMG Love the COVER!!

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How I Got This Book: PDF given to me by the author for blog tour :)
Date Published: 3/27/2012


  1. Hi Michelle, thanks for taking the time to read and review my novel, and good luck on finals! I'm getting a lot of comments about Audrey being naive when I didn't set out to create a naive character. I wonder if that means I'M naive? Ha ha.

    1. Lol maybe it does, but in this crazy world sometimes thats a good thing :) Thanks for the ARC and congrats on your new book!!!!

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