Friday, July 13, 2012

Bitter End By Jennifer Brown

Alex, who lost her mother when she was quite young, is on a mission to go to the place her mother was headed when she died: Colorado.   She's been making plans to do so with her 2 BFF's Zack and Bethany since forever.... but then she meets Cole.   Cole is the new guy.   He sings to her, complements her on her poetry, and always seems to be around.   It makes Alex feel good... like for the first time in her life someone understands her.   But Cole isn't exactly what he seems.   He's jealous of her friendship w/ Bethany and Zack (especially Zack).   He starts showing up at all her work shifts, trying to control her every move, and eventually he starts physically and emotionally abusing her.   At first she tries to justify it by telling herself he was just stressed (his home life is far from perfect, so that has to be the reason right?), but then after promising he'll never do it again, he does.   Alex doesn't want to be the girl who lets her boyfriend hit her, but Cole wants to change and she feels like they have bonded over their shitty home lives.  But then it get to the point where Alex starts wondering just how much she is willing to risk for love.

I finally read this book!  I've been wanting to read it for so long... not sure why it kept getting pushed aside.... Anyhow this book was great!   I really really got into it.   Jennifer Brown's writing is so easy to get lost in!!

I have to admit I connected with this book because I was in an extremely emotionally abusive relationship which was exactly like Alex & Cole's (but without the bruises/broken bones/teeth).   I lived through it and can honestly say I am embarrassed by how much I allowed someone to control me... I mean ME!   I am the biggest b*tch some of you would ever meet, and I let some guy tell me what to wear and who to talk to and even what to look at while I was out in public!   I seriously believe it can happen to anyone if you meet that person at the right time in your life and they wean you into it.   People like Cole are masters at their trade... they know what to do to keep you coming back and make you think it's YOUR fault.   The best advice I can give (and I'm NO expert) is that you have to know that there are other people out there for you... you will find love again.   Because that's what keeps people tied to these people, it's the love thing.  And also know that these types will never change... no matter how much they say they want to, it's not going to happen.  It's so easy to say it and it's another thing to be in it.  People will only leave when they are ready... no one was going to make me break-up with my ex until I wanted to.  It's a tough thing every way around it.

But back to the book.  I loved the book and the message it sent was awesome.  I liked how the wedge in the 3-way friendship led Alex to feel like even if she wanted out, no one would be there to help her.  It made the whole thing more real.  The only thing is I wish we got to know Alex a little bit more before she met Cole.   It kind of felt like the idea of the book came first and then the characters... I would've preferred just a little bit more depth there. Besides that it was a great follow up to The Hate List!! (I have to say though I kind of liked Hate List a smidge more)

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How I got this book: Library
Date Published: 5/10/2011

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  1. I read this book a while ago and remember thinking it was one of the better books portraying abusive relationships. Jennifer Brown's writing is easy to get lost in, but it was so frustrating to read how Alex let it happen, even though I know hard it is to get out of something like that. Anyway, great review!