Monday, July 30, 2012

The Statistical Probability of Love at Fist Sight By Jennifer E. Smith

Hadley missed her flight to London by 4 minutes! Now she'll most likely be late for her father's wedding, but that's ok because she doesn't really want to go anyhow, and also there's a hot British guy on her new flight who takes a liking to her... Throughout one very long day Hadley and Oliver meet, take a flight across an ocean and into family situations that are less than ideal. The question is, will Hadley make peace with her dad? and what exactly is going on between her and Oliver?

This is one of those books that only covers one day. But that's ok by me because I can relate to having one day that changes everything in your life. I didn't need the story to cover more than a day, but I needed more of a story. It all went too fast for me!! My book says 236 pages, but it felt like 100.

This is a hard review to write because I really did like this book, but then I just wanted more from it!

The love story was super cute, but I wanted more personality from Oliver. What was so likable about him anyhow? The family stuff was complicated and should remain complicated, not all neatly fixed after one day. Sorry but I don't think that's very realistic. Also I've realized that I don't care for third person. I don't feel as connected to the characters when it's written like that. The writing in this book is beautiful though!!!

I really think that the 24 hour time span of the book made the book.  I think it added to the whole idea of fate and that any one decision could change your life.  I liked the complexity of Hadley.  She had anxiety problems and family issues, but she was still just a girl that wanted a boy to like her. 

Definitely a book you could read in a day... recommended to anyone who loves a good 'it must be fate' love story. Or anyone who just likes to read words that are written beautifully!

My Rating:

How I got this book:  Library
Date Published: 1/2/2012

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