Friday, July 6, 2012

This is Not a Test By Courtney Summers

Sloane wants to die... which should be easy considering everyone else around her is, but for some reason she's still here. 

The world is over, there are zombies/undead everywhere you turn. Six teens find shelter in the old high school, but how long will it last? As Sloane contemplates how much she wants to die, the other five teens desperately want to live. The only problem is: they can't stay in the school forever, but leaving means probable death...

I was SO excited for this book... I even had a countdown for it!   Although I really didn't want my favorite contemporary author to go zombie, I tried to embrace it knowing that it would still be awesome because Courtney Summers wrote it!   And it was awesome, as awesome as zombie books can be to me.   Once I started this book I HAD to finish it because I was sick of having nightmares, so I forced myself to read as fast as possible.

This book is very Dawn of the Dead meets Trapped... Honestly as much as I liked it, it was a very depressing book.   Everywhere you wanted to find hope, even just a little glimmer of a relationship/friendship type hope it was smashed somehow.   The ending also was a little bit vague... I mean I get it, but I wanted more (view spoiler)[What happened to Cary!!!, What was the shelter like??, How did Lily wind up back home and why?].   I also kind of felt like I didn't fully understand Sloane... she was depressed and angry and felt dead inside, but couldn't she have gave a little something more??  I don't know I just didn't fully get her and it was hard to relate to someone who couldn't form any meaningful relationships.

In spite of that, it was amazing how well developed these characters were.   They all had their issues and flaws, but I still felt like I understood them (except Sloane).   They didn't just band together in love and kindness as I would expect in a tragedy... their personality clashes and issues were too great for that.   They fought and sometimes seemed utterly alone even though they theoretically had each other. I wanted the best for each of them because they were all so real to me!

Anyway GREAT book, especially if you liked Trapped since it's insanely similar.

Add it to your To-Read list!!

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How I got this book: I own it
Date Published: 6/19/2012


  1. I love post apocalyptic books and I have heard so many people raving about this novel. I should probably get this as soon as possible. :)

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