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Hide and Seek (The Lying Game #4) By Sara Shepard

Well this was supposed to be a 4 book series originally, but lo and behold it's been extended.  Let's just hope it stays at 6 or I will be done with Miss Shepard's books (I mean PLL is out of CONTROL at this point!).  Anyway in this book we find Emma still posing as Sutton trying to figure out if Laurel is the one who killed Sutton.  Laurel clearly is obsessed with Thayer, and so has a perfect motive.  But then a firm alibi materializes and she's off the list.  The next suspect that emerges is Sutton's dad.  He was in the canyon that night with a mystery woman.  Could he have killed Sutton to cover up an affair????  (I usually don't do reviews for books past book 1 of a series, but I decided to do this one because I have ideas about where it's going.) *Warning: Review Contains Spoliers*

Well not to give everything away, but as usual Emma spends the entire book chasing down leads you knew were going to turn out to be false.  It was going to be highly unlikely that a parent (even adoptive) would kill a child that they raised.  The next book is clearly set up for Becky (bio mom) to be the suspect.... and it makes sense.  She is the only one in the fam who seems to know that Emma exists, so having Emma take over Sutton's identity would be perfect for covering up the murder.  But you know that's not who did it (if Sutton is even dead, I'm kind of leaning towards coma). 

Some girl on Goodreads said it's Ethan and it all just clicked in my mind.  I know it's him!  Here's why:
1.  He's the only one who knew right away that Emma wasn't Sutton (which weird since he wasn't even friends with Sutton). 
2.  He's gotten himself so close to Emma so that he can keep her on the wrong track.
3.  He clearly knows odd things about Sutton that he shouldn't know... stalker much?
4.  He was mentioned in this last book as being out on his porch with his telescope the night Sutton died (which is right near the canyons). 
5.  He can hack computers... Emma first got in contact w/ Sutton through facebook.
6.  He has dark hair. 
7.  The Lying Game played a prank on him before that he has pent up anger about. (something about a science contest?  My memory is foggy on that) 
8.  Ethan's mom acts like she knows stuff about Sutton... like maybe Sutton and Ethan had a fling before or were friends of some kind?? 
There is just overwhelming evidence! 

Also I really think that it is unrealistic that Emma hasn't told Thayer already!!  He's more than proven that he's trustworthy!  So what are your theories??  I'd love to hear them since the next book doesn't come out until 2013!

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How I got this book:  Purchased at Target
Date Published:  7/31/2012
P.S.- This is what the Cross My Heart, Hope to Die (book 5) cover looks like:

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