Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pushing the Limits By Katie McGarry

This seriously may be my favorite book of 2012... I'm in love!  And because I love it so much I am giving it away... it's too good not to pass on :)  I'm going to run the giveaway starting tomorrow (8/29), and I'm going to pick the winner on Sept. 5th... so make sure you enter!!

Something bad happened to Echo that left her arms terribly scarred... only she can't remember what that something is. She knows her bipolar mom was involved, but no one will tell her what exactly happened. (Apparently her brain won't be able to handle it?) Something bad happened to Noah and he wishes he could forget what it is. His parents were killed in a house fire leaving him and his brothers in separate foster care. Both Echo and Noah end up seeing a school social worker who gives Echo a job tutoring Noah... and then BAM! you have these two people damaged in completely different ways come together and it's perfection!!

So why did I love this book so much?  The story line isn't the most original or anything.  There have been plenty of books written about a girl who can't remember a traumatic event in their life.  There have been plenty bad boy/good girl books too.  But this one is different!!  It just didn't feel like all those other books.  It took me on a journey and when a book does that I'm hooked!
I can't even describe to you how much I loved Echo and Noah as a couple. Noah was so delicious and sweet it was almost too much.  I loved how they needed each other to learn how to trust again.  Their chemistry was like woah.  But their coupling wasn't even the best part. The best part was the complexity of the story. It wasn't just a romance or an amnesia mystery or a death book. It was life!! Life in alternating viewpoints! (<---which I LOVE)

Echo and Noah were so real to me, but so were the other characters in the book. I feel like I got to know about 10 people really well throughout this book and that's rare in YA. Usually I feel lucky if I get the main character(s).  I was especially fond of Noah's brothers.  That part of the story just tore me up!

Seriously if you like YA contemporary read this book!!! And apparantly there's a spin-off book about Beth coming out :) Can't wait!  Katie McGarry is definitely up there on my list with Courtney Summers after this amazing book!

Add this to your To-Read List!!!!!

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Date Published: 07/31/2012


  1. Great review!! Also my favorite read of 2012 so far. Noah.. *swoon* :)

    Rainy Day Reads

  2. I went back and re-read your review now that I've finished it... And your review is so much more articulate than mine! I was just SO CAUGHT UP in everything! All I could basically manage was READ IT and STEAMY, haha. Great job!

    1. aww thanks... I LOVED your review it was great! And it was really steamy. I was definitely taking cold showers during the 3 days it took me to read this book :)

  3. I don't usually read contemp Romance but I've heard a lot about this book on a lot of blogs. It really does sound good and I actually cannot wait to read it!! Your review is great! It makes me want to go out and get it and read it right now!!

  4. This was one of my favorite reads of 2012 too! I loved Noah and Echo so much -- and the way the story was told and unfolded -- so good! I just got Dare You To and I can't wait to read it!

    Thanks for the great review!!

    1. I am SO jealous that you got I Dare You To!! SO JEALOUS!

  5. I really loved this book too! Great review!