Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Ashleys By Melissa de la Cruz

At Miss Gamble's Preparatory School for Girls the Ashleys (three girls all named Ashley) rule the 7th grade... enter Lauren Page.  Lauren has been a nobody that the Ashleys literally stepped on since kindergarten, but this year is about to be different.  Lauren's dad launched an Internet company and is now worth millions.  With her new money and makeover she knows she'll be able to infiltrate the Ashleys and destroy it from within.  Now comes the hard part, gaining the main Ashleys approval!   
Ok for real I have no idea how I wound up with this book.  It literally jumped at me from the bookshelf in the library and I felt like it was fate.  I brought it home and started reading it... but then I was like into it!  And then I started thinking Michelle, you are a little too into a book about 7th graders.  I guess I kept forgetting that these girls were in 7th grade because they dressed and acted like they were in H.S.  It's definitely not the deepest subject matter in the world, but I am a sucker for popularity books (no clue why). 
Some people say the girls are shallow and spoiled, but I like my popular girls shallow (are there other ways to be popular in middle/high school?).  The three Ashleys all have their roles in the clique and it was cool hearing from their individual perspectives as this was an alternating POV book. 
Be Warned: It's a series.  I didn't know that until the end and I'm like do I really need to keep reading more books about 7th graders?  But hey why not?  It's a light, fluffy, short Gossip Girl type read.  Secret admirers, hot boys, private jets, afternoon teas, and bitch-fights... what else do you need in a middle grade guilty-pleasure book?

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How I got this book:  Library
Date Published:  1/8/2007


  1. Great review - I think a lot of us like to read these types of stories too - I love Melissa DLC anyways, and I as long as a book is a good read I don't think it matters what age level it's at :)

  2. Great review- It sounds like an engaging afternoon read, I really want to read Melissa DLC books!