Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top of My Pile

Top of my Pile is a feature created by Crystal at Elegantly Bound Books because she wanted to talk about the book she is currently reading... and so do I!!

So this gives everyone a chance to talk about what you think about the book you're currently reading: how you're liking it so far, your theories, what you think is going to happen to the main characters, etc. So it's time for me to post about what I read this week and what I'm going to read next :)

Currently Reading:
By: Jennifer Shaw Wolf
I've been reading it for a few days now, but have had A LOT of school work, so I've been kind of slow with reading it.  When I first started reading it I was really really liking it!!  But then right away the author tells you that the dead boyfriend was hitting the M/C.  (sorry that's kind of a spoiler, but not really since it's revealed immediately)  And I was like ?!?!?!  why couldn't we have gotten to know her feelings for him a little before I instantly am glad he's dead!
I'm not really sure where this is going because the M/C has selective amnesia (of course), but I really love her handicapped brother and her ex BFF Blake!!  I'm guessing that there is a lot more to the boyfriends death than he just drove off a cliff.
What I plan on reading next:
Earth (Elemental Series #1) By: Shauna Granger
Weekly Wrap Up:
Sunday I showed you all the awesome new books that came out this week (including The Raven Boys, Burn for Burn, and Cursed!)
Tuesday was Top Ten Tuesday- Bookish People I'd like to meet
Tuesday I also reviewed Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone By: Kat Rosenfield
And Friday I posted a Before the Blog Review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower in homage to the movie coming out :)

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  1. Sometimes it's so inconvenient when school gets in the way of reading.

    Those books sound interesting. Lots of drama and such :)