Monday, October 8, 2012

New Books Out This Week 10/8

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Adele Griffin
2 sisters that have equally messed up, but different, problems.  I read it last week and liked it, here's my review :)
By: Anna Jarzab
When Caro's sister comes back home after 8 years away, she doesn't know how to relate to her after so much distance.  It's not helping that the sister is mysterious about where she's been and what happened while she was away.  So you know there's going to be a secret to uncover there!  Sounds intriguing!
By: Daniel Marks
A ghost in purgatory wants revenge on her killer, a man named Bonesaw.  She decides to cross over and haunt Bonesaw, but her hauntings are putting purgatory in danger... and she just can't stop.
I think it sounds awesome!!!
By: Coleen Clayton
Something traumatic (that she can't remember) happens to Sid on a ski trip that changes her whole world.  Now instead of being the straight "A" cheerleader, she's hanging out in the A/V room with stoner-boy Corey.
CAN"T WAIT TO READ IT (even if I am kind of sick of the whole "something happened to me and I can't remember".  How many times does that really happen in real life?).
By: Tamara Ireland Stone
Anna lives in Chicago in 1995.  Bennett lives in San Fran 2012.  But Bennett can time travel, which brings him to meet Anna.  As they form a deeper relationship, they must face the reality that Bennett might have to go back to his world.
Sounds like Time Traveler's Wife to me!
By: Kimberly Sabatini
A cool sounding paranormal!  Elliot is dead again (for the third time), now she gets one more chance to try to make everything right.  Basically she has to go through all her mistakes and deal with her past... which apparently includes: hurting people, betrayal, and KILLING PEOPLE!  Wow!  Could be awesome!

Other books out this week:
Freakling By: Luna Krunwiede
Valkyrie Rising By: Ingrid Paulson
Mystic City By: Theo Lawrence
So what are you excited to read??


  1. As someone who got an ARC of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT......I want to tell you it is INCREDIBLE. The best part is THE SETTING. It's like its own character! And Corey (the slacker/stoner) is my fictional boyfriend of 2012 ;) hands off... Great list, Michelle.

    (I'm hosting a giveaway tomorrow-heads up)

    1. Thanks for letting me know!! I definitely want to read it, it just sounds like my kind of book :)