Monday, October 1, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday- Older Books Not To Forget

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (October 2nd) I'm one of them :)



Top Ten "Older" Books You Don't Want People To Forget About

HARD!!!  Where to go with this?  I was going to just do contemporary that was published in the last 10 years or so (but not in the last 2 years obv.), but then I started thinking about older older books that shouldn't be forgotten like The Outsiders and Diary of Anne Frank.  But then I decided to stick with the 2000-2010 decade of books that should not be forgotten about :)

1. Speak By: Laurie Halse Anderson
-Got to put my #1 YA book (besides HP) on here!  I hope this one never goes away and young girls are reading it for years to come.

2. & 3.  Lock and Key & Just Listen By Sarah Dessen
- My 2 favorite Dessen books.... Sarah Dessen books are going to be a must in any era!

4.  Crank By Ellen Hopkins
-I thought this one was just important and since it's semi-based on a true story, it has credibility.

5.  The Hate List By Jennifer Brown
-LOVED!!  It seems like it's already getting lost since JB has been publishing a lot of other great books.  The main character in this one had a unique perspective on school shootings, and so I think it should stay.

6.  In Her Shoes By Jennifer Weiner
-I think the fact that there was the movie made the book kind of forgotten about over the years... and the movie was good, but the book was so much better!!

7.  Hold Still By Nina LaCour
-Such an important heart-breaking story!

8.  Where the Heart is By Billie Letts
-It's definitely older and was one of Oprah's books (and was a movie), but I loved this book and want it to stay around!

9.  Sloppy Firsts By Megan McCafferty
-Do a lot of people know about this book?  I think outside the YA blogging world this book is not on people's radar and it should be!!!

10.  After By Amy Efaw
-A hard book to read, but an important story!

Runners Up:  Go Ask Alice (scared me!!!), The Lovely Bones, The Sky is Everywhere, Please Ignore Vera Dietz, 13 Reasons Why

So that's mine this week, what were yours?


  1. OMG half of our list is the same, Michelle. TOO FUNNY!!!!!

  2. Speak is one of my favorite books! I think it's so iconic that it won't be forgotten for a long, long time, if ever. I certainly hope not, anyway! (:

  3. In Her Shoes - yes, chick-lit the way it should be done!

  4. I only read the Disenchantments by Nina LaCour, but Hold Still is on the wishlist. I'm glad to see it on your list. :)

    J'adore Happy Endings

  5. i love where the heart is! . good list!

    Katie @ Inkk

  6. I think you're right about Sloppy Firsts. It should be more well-known. It's usually on the shelf at my library.

  7. I have to admit that I haven't read any of the books on your list, haha. I do have Speak and hold still on my TBR list and I have a copy from Sarah Dessen (Dreamland) somewhere on the shelves. I'm going to check them out :)

    My TTT @thedailyprophecy

  8. Sarah Dessen seems to be making a lot of lists today, mine included! I definitely agree with Hate List, such a great book.

  9. I have been meaning to read some Dessen. She is like candy to teen girls in the library, lol. Speak was a great book, but I haven't read any of the others yet. Hate list is on my tbr pile. Here's Ours

  10. Speak is such a fantastic book. Everyone should read it!

  11. I keep seeing books I wish I included in my list. I wish I had included Speak in my list. Definitely one of my favorite books I've read this year.

    Great list :)

    Quinn from Quinn's Book Nook

  12. Great list! I loved After, Hold Still, Hate List and anything by Sarah Dessen. =)

  13. The Lovely Bones is a brilliant novel. I totally forgot about it.

  14. I'm not a contemporary buff, so I haven't read any of these. Thanks for the heads up!

    My TTT:

  15. I'm sitting here mentally slapping myself upside the head for forgetting "The Diary of
    Anne Frank"! What was wrong with me?!?! BTW, I love your inclusion of "Where the Heart Is". Ten is just too short of a list for me. lol

    Oh, and my list is at:

  16. SLOPPY FIRSTS!!!! love me some jessica darling.

  17. I really like Sloppy Firsts, and Speak is so good. I almost put After on my list; that book is so well done!

    I have a copy of Hold Still that I still haven't read... I've seen it on so many people's lists so clearly I NEED to read it!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!
    Chloe @ YA Booklover Blog

  18. This is a great list! There are quite a few on there that I read and loved. LOVE Jessica Darling!

  19. I met Ellen Hopkins once. A friend of mine was her tour guide for a book festival at the library I work at and she brought her downstairs to the office to meet us. I made the mistake of mentioning that I didn't like poetry...which would probably explain the look she gave me. LOL

    Great list. I love Speak, one of my all-time favorite YA novels.

    1. Wow yeah open mouth *insert foot*!! That would be like telling J.K. Rowling you don't like wizards :)